Abstract Photography of Camping Supplies

Marisa D. Aceves. Foiled Again 2: Shimmering Fire Flower. Digital Photography. 2018.

To view more of my work please visit acevesart.com       .

Many people love camping.

Especially during Spring and Summer.

Except for uncoordinated,…

mosquito attracting…


with terrible allergies…

like me.

We prefer the air conditioned,..

insect free…

comfort of the great indoors. 😊


that didn’t stop me from visiting the camping isle at my local Walmart.

They had emergency ponchos…




and so much more…

I couldn’t take it all home. Nor did I want to, but a particular item caught my eye. I quickly purchased it and brought it home. After wrestling with it for awhile, I tried to lay it out in just the right position.  Despite using different sources of light, nothing felt as though it would offer anything unusually captivating.

Then, I realized that I had to take a completely different approach to shooting this particular material than the popular one used to shoot reflective surfaces like water.

I layered the image, wanting to evoke a feeling of mystery as well as movement.

The end result was quite striking!

Bright cerulean blues ended in fiery tendril like tips, then faded into into surrounding darkness.

Be on the lookout for more photos from this series as well as it’s release date.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Remember to always live life creatively!


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