Surprising Aerial Landscapes Created Using Shipping Supplies


Marisa D. Aceves. Industrial Gum Canal. digital photography. 2017.

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One summer afternoon, we decided to put unwanted items in storage. We took a trip to Lowes Hardware Store, picked up some heavy duty moving boxes and headed for our local Target for packing supplies. When we got home, we started to assign a number of books, clothes etc. to their designated stations. As we sealed each box with tape, I noticed the elongated bubbles that formed beige rivers on the surface. Imagining this was an aerial view of a mysterious landscape, I carefully composed my shot. Initially, I had two different versions of this photograph. However, I was more pleased with the strength of the lines and texture of the back and white one.

What does this object remind you of?

abstract photography of roller stamps

Vivid, Minimalist Abstract Art Created Using Roller Stamps

abstract photography of roller stamps

Marisa D. Aceves. “Roller Wordy: Turn Of The Square”. Digital photography. 2019.


Hope you’re having a wonderfully creative week!

I’ve just added NEW additions to my “Roller Wordy” series!

They’re everything you love about bold minimalist artwork with a stunning splash of vibrant, Pop Art color!

View this playful series in both black and white and color  here .

abstract photography of a celosia flower

Mind-bending, Kaleidoscopic Op Art Created Using Tropical Flowers

abstract photography of a celosia flower

Marisa D. Aceves. “The Power Of Flowers: Rotating Diamond Yellow Celosiascape ”. Digital Photography. 2019.

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Earlier this month, I posted the first addition to my latest collection, “The Power Of Flowers”, “Radiating Asiatic Lilyscape”.

You can read all about my inspiration for this colorful design based series here .

For the creation of this piece, I shot the tips of fiery Celosia plants. Their tropical, exotic beauty turns heads and warms the hearts of many an enthusiastic gardener.

Enjoy the inspirational view and the rest of your summer!

Have a great weekend!


abstract photography of a lily

Mind-bending, Kaleidoscopic Op Art Created Using Flowers

abstract photography of a lily

Marisa D. Aceves. “The Power Of Flowers: Radiating Asiatic Lilyscape”. Digital Photography. 2019.

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The majority of us love flowers…

plants, majestic blue skies….

and sunshine.


provide us a peaceful place…

to regroup…

and appreciate nature.

When I decided to get a little…


with this latest project…

I just knew nature would come together in mysterious ways…

I decided to start my latest collection with the Asiatic Lily. I feel it’s beauty surpasses other lilies I’ve seen at the nurseries. The cheery green leaves, mellow yellow pistoles and soda pop purples provided the perfect punch when split into many crystalline sections.

I hope this makes your weekend a wonderful one.


Abstract Photography of Camping Supplies

Surprising Abstract Surrealist Compositions Created Using Camping Supplies

Abstract Photography of Camping Supplies

Marisa D. Aceves. Foiled Again 2: Shimmering Fire Flower. Digital Photography. 2018.

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Many people love camping.

Especially during Spring and Summer.

Except for uncoordinated,…

mosquito attracting…


with terrible allergies…

like me.

We prefer the air conditioned,..

insect free…

comfort of the great indoors. 😊


that didn’t stop me from visiting the camping isle at my local Walmart.

They had emergency ponchos…




and so much more…

I couldn’t take it all home. Nor did I want to, but a particular item caught my eye. I quickly purchased it and brought it home. After wrestling with it for awhile, I tried to lay it out in just the right position.  Despite using different sources of light, nothing felt as though it would offer anything unusually captivating.

Then, I realized that I had to take a completely different approach to shooting this particular material than the popular one used to shoot reflective surfaces like water.

I layered the image, wanting to evoke a feeling of mystery as well as movement.

The end result was quite striking!

Bright cerulean blues ended in fiery tendril like tips, then faded into into surrounding darkness.

Be on the lookout for more photos from this series as well as it’s release date.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Remember to always live life creatively!

abstract photography of a storage container

Vivid, Architectural Abstract Art Created Using Cleaning Supplies

abstract photography of a storage container

Marisa D. Aceves. “Spring Cleaning: Red Rose Rolo”. digital photography. 2019.

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Along with the many splendors and joys of spring…

comes dreaded house hold chores…

…like cleaning.

No one likes to admit they’re a pack rat, a hoarder…

or worse yet, an obstinate procrastinator.

While scrubbing our not so humble homes is the absolute…

last thing on our dreaded“To Do” list, it does have it’s charms..


hidden treasures.

Who could’ve guessed then that the supplies we used to wash away a winter’s worth of trash were so gosh darn inspiring. Well, they are. This particular cleaning tool provided several mesmerizing architectural compositions in a variety of colors.

Check out the series here .


abstract photography of a light fixture

Inventive Animal Art Created Using Light Fixtures

abstract photography of a light fixture

Marisa D. Aceves. Night Life: Blue Dyne Shell. Digital Photography. 2019.

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When we were kids,

we used to dream…

about all the places we would go…

the amazing things we would do…

and even the heroes we would become.

Now that we’re older,….

reality has set in.

A few of us have achieved those dreams…

traveled to incredible destinations…

met unforgettable individuals,…

but for the vast majority of us…

the demands of life,…

our own choices,…

and the decisions of others have brought us to our present situation…

maybe not an uncomfortable one,…

but far from the silver screen dream we planned for ourselves.

However, this does not mean that our lives are failures or that we haven’t achieved our purpose. Perhaps the joys of life are found not always in big melodramatic adventures, but in the quiet places unappreciated by others.

If we change our mindset and perspective, we can find our next inspirational adventure a little closer to home. The “Night Life” series couldn’t have been produced if I hadn’t been engaged in spring cleaning. Yes, another boring task, but there were gifts, little gold nuggets to be mined in the process. Simple light fixtures we often ignore transcended their original purpose as they provided the basic shapes and patterns for whimsical abstract photographs that remind us of the sea.

Enjoy the rest of series here .

New additions are coming soon.

Have a restful and peaceful weekend.

Always remember to live life creatively!