Astonishing Abstract Art Flower Photo For Modern Abstract Art Blog

Astonishing Abstract Art Created Using Flowers

Astonishing Abstract Art Flower Photo For Modern Abstract Art Blog
Abstract Art Blog Astonishing Flower Photo

Marisa D. Aceves. Bougainvillea and Celosia Diamond Drop. Digital Photography. 2020.

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Website picture For Smartphone Photography Tips

17 Smartphone Photography Tips To Help You Shoot Like A Pro

Website picture For Smartphone Photography Tips
Tips To Shoot Smartphone Photography Picture

Photo by Sebastien Gabriel on Unsplash

article by Marisa D. Aceves

Want to be a photographer?
Do you dream about having a solo show of your award-winning artwork?
Hearing about the results you can get from the latest two-thousand dollar DSLR can make you sigh in agitation and hopelessness.
You know you don’t have that kind of money.
But, giving into despair is futile.
Here’s one thing that can give you hope.
You’ve got a powerful photography tool in your pocket, your smartphone!

What is smartphone photography; why is it so popular?
Smartphone photography is simply photography taken with your smart(mobile) phone. Its’ popularity is no mystery. The easy accessibility and lower cost of smartphones help them surpass DSLRs in sales. With today’s smartphone camera technology, you can achieve stunning results with a high-quality, decent range of print sizes. Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have also increased the use of cell phone cameras. Uploading and sharing pictures has never been easier!

If you love photography, the best time to start is NOW!
Take advantage of these useful tips and resources to make the most of your smartphone accessories.

1.  Know The Features And Limitations Of Your Brand And Model Of Smartphone

Not all smartphones are created equal. The features on your friends’ Android may be different than those on your iPhone. Even within the same brand, camera features vary. For example, according to iMore, a popular iPhone photography website, Apples’ iPhone 11 has a dual-lens rear camera system with ultra-wide cameras perfect for shooting amazing landscapes and street scenes. Only the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max Models carry a telephoto lens. It’s important to know when to make adjustments.

Here are some videos and articles comparing Apple and Android models to help you make the best decision for your individual needs:

Galaxy S10 Plus vs iPhone 11 Pro Max – Winner Decided!

iPhone 11 ULTIMATE Camera Features!!! – You Must Try!!


When to use each camera lens on iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro: iPhone Photography Tips & Tricks


2. Make Sure Your Lens Is Clean

You take your smartphone everywhere. Eventually, the camera lens is going to get dirty.
To prevent unsightly smudges, marks, and specks of dirt from diminishing the quality of your photographs, keep your lens or lenses clean.

Magic Fiber, sells an affordable and easy to use microfiber cloth you can purchase here:

Magic Fiber Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloths Pack


3. Avoid Using The Zoom Feature

Except for macro shots, avoid digital zoom on your camera. Using the digital zoom tool can produce grainy, low-quality photographs. Instead of using the zoom, get closer to your subject.


4. Understand Light, Exposure and Perspective 

Learn how light affects your subject. Using a broader light source creates a softer lighting effect.
It reduces contrast, minimizes texture, and softens shadows. Light will change its’ appearance depending on whether the light source is closer or farther away from the subject.

Popular Photography’s tutorial will show you how to use light to your advantage:

Top 10 Photography Lighting Facts You Should Know

Understanding light without learning about exposure paints an incomplete picture. Exposure changes the look, feel, and development of your photographs.

Master aperture, ISO, and shutter speed with these helpful articles:

Camera Exposure

Understanding The Exposure Triangle

Exposure Tips In Photography

Studying perspective allows you to see both the objects or subjects in a picture plane from different vantage points and their relationships to one another. It improves the composition of your photographs.

For example, if you shoot an object or subject from above (aka. shooting downwards), you are looking down at it. The compositions that result from using this technique help your viewers to better connect with your subject. It’s especially useful for shooting food photography or portraits.
Shooting from an extreme side angle achieves the illusion of uneasiness and greater depth.

Read Photography Pro’s article for the latest tips and tricks to improve perspective in your photography:

Perspective Photography


5. Choose The Right Smartphone Accessories

Increase what your cellphone camera can do. Invest in some must-have smartphone accessories.
Tripods, lighting kits, and lens attachments make it possible for you to shoot pictures you’d take with your DSLR.

Check out Expert Photography’s iPhone equipment list to help you find what you’re looking for:

Iphone Camera Accessories


6. Experiment With Different Photography Themes 

Don’t know what to photograph? Photography theme prompts are the solution. Prompts are words and phrases that spark ideas for the creation of a photograph such as nature, family, cars, people, etc.

Visit iPhone Photography School to discover ways to increase your creativity:

Photography Themes


7. Take Advantage of The Self Timer 

Are you sick of using your hands to take a photo? Your smartphones’ self-timer will save the day.
Take portraits, landscapes, and macro photography with ease.

Explore your options with Expert Photography’s article on how and when to use the self-timer tool:

iPhone Photo Timer


8. Try Different Shooting Modes

Experiment with the camera modes on your smartphone. Night Mode will help you shoot striking dark scenes. Portrait Mode allows you to capture engaging portraits. HDR Mode enhances details in the dark and light areas in your photographs.

To create unforgettable pictures with the modes on your camera, read Iceland Photo Tours’ excellent article:

How to Use Smartphone Camera Modes For Amazing Landscape Photography


9. Understand How to Edit and Process Your Images

Editing doesn’t fix bad photographs. It enhances strong ones. Aim for better quality photos before you edit.

To discover the best way to edit while preserving your pictures, use Expert Photography’s handy guide:

Photo Editing Tips For Smartphones


10. Perfect Composition

Understanding the arrangement and location of objects in a photo is key to great photography. Master the rules of composition, and you are on your way to breathtaking pictures.

Improve your understanding with Photo Workout’s guide to conquering composition:

Smartphone Photography Compositon


11. Use Photography Apps 

From photo editing to changing color and lighting, free and paid photo apps magnify what you can do with your humble smartphone.

Sample a variety of sweet photo apps mentioned in this stellar Pixpa article by Gurpreet Singh:

Photography Apps


12. Buy A Smartphone With A Great Camera 

Not everyone buys the best smartphone available. Sometimes, your budget gets in the way of your dreams. However, with a little bit of creativity and a lot of planning, your best photos are possible.

If you’re considering buying a new camera, here are some options for you to consider:

Best Smartphone


13. Learn to Shoot RAW 

The term RAW refers to an unedited digital photograph. RAW files are larger and not ready for sharing or printing. While you have to edit RAW files, they are easier to adjust than JPEG.

Shoot RAW with this great Popular Science article:

Take RAW Photos With Your Phone


14. Steady Your Camera

If you prefer sharp pictures, avoid blur. To solve this problem, use both hands to hold your phone, keeping your elbows to your sides. Rest your phone on a sturdy object or use the burst function to prevent shake.

Use Eye Ems guide to prevent blurred photos:

How To Avoid Taking Blurry Pictures With Your Smartphone

If you lack a steady hand and you have a love of gadgets, reach for a tripod. Find a tripod that suits your needs with Gear Hungry’s expert review:

Best Smartphone Tripods


15. Try A Variety of Lens Filters To Create Mood

Lens filters allow you to shoot incredible photos while avoiding a large amount of editing. Haze lens filters reduce UV light making images warmer. They prevent them from appearing washed out. Polarizing lens filters eliminate glares and reflections, which makes them perfect for nature scenes and landscape photos.

If you plan on using filters, familiarize yourself with Photos With Phones valuable guide:

Smartphone Camera Lens Filters Guide


16. Shoot In Black and White

Shooting in black and white gives your photos a film noir edge. Compositions that focus on light, shape, form, and leading lines greatly benefit from a monochromatic treatment. Rich shadows come to life; textures hold mystery; nature becomes poetic.

Learn more about black and white photography, read Eric Kims’ how-to article:

How To Shoot Black And White Photos On Your Phone


17. Take Advantage Of Photographic Opportunities

Finally, never shy away from discovering engaging subjects to photograph! Try creating a street photography series from a different perspective! Produce a photo essay providing winning insight into the lives of people connected to an underground community! Record your immediate family history as you live it!

The best photos come from a healthy combination of skill and creativity! You might be surprised at the results you can achieve. For more information about how to expand your photography knowledge, check out my recent article on the top seven websites to learn photography.

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abstract photography of a hibiscus flower

Dramatic Kaleidoscopic Abstract Art Created Using Exotic Flowers

Marisa D. Aceves. Ruby Prism Hibiscus Square. Digital Photography. 2019.


Your fractured petals

They burst with a new color-

My sad spring deferred


Our world has changed.

Will it ever be the same again?

Probably not.

The threat of the coronavirus looms large in our minds and hearts. We can try hard to escape it, retreating further into our virtual world of social media madness, or we can take some time to reflect. Whatever we choose to do in these uncertain times will reveal our core nature. What is it that we need as a culture, as a society? How can we learn to love our neighbor when the fear of loss steals our security by the minute. Where’s our spring? Can it live in our hearts even if our lives have been destroyed by fate? I’d like to think we can. We must challenge ourselves and others to maintain a positive attitude despite the chaos, defusing the hate instead of adding to it.

abstract photograph of cleaning supplies

Boring Cleaning Supplies Transform Into Eye-Popping Optical Illusion Abstract Art

abstract photograph of cleaning supplies

Marisa. D. Aceves. Coral Dandelion Whirl. Digital Photography. 2019.

Sometimes laborious chores offer the perfect photo opportunities.

I have an allergy to cleaning.
At every turn, I find a creative way to avoid it.
However, when I do get around to it, I try to find joy and mystery in my domestic misery.
Mopping the floor doesn’t have to boring!
When the water buckets stack in your favor, you know you have something special.

Enjoy the results of my latest abstract photography adventure?
Stay tuned for next week’s latest addition!



Surprising Aerial Landscapes Created Using Shipping Supplies


Marisa D. Aceves. Industrial Gum Canal. digital photography. 2017.

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One summer afternoon, we decided to put unwanted items in storage. We took a trip to Lowes Hardware Store, picked up some heavy duty moving boxes and headed for our local Target for packing supplies. When we got home, we started to assign a number of books, clothes etc. to their designated stations. As we sealed each box with tape, I noticed the elongated bubbles that formed beige rivers on the surface. Imagining this was an aerial view of a mysterious landscape, I carefully composed my shot. Initially, I had two different versions of this photograph. However, I was more pleased with the strength of the lines and texture of the back and white one.

What does this object remind you of?

abstract photography of flowers and peppers

Mind bending, Kaleidoscopic Op Art Created Using Flowers and Ornamental Peppers

abstract photography of flowers and peppers

Marisa D. Aceves. Power Of Flowers: Hibiscus And Ornamental Pepper Wheel. Digital Photography. 2019.

To view or purchase work please visit .

The sturdy,…

weathered green house …

didn’t give away its secrets readily.

Many rows of plants…

and a thousand blossoms later,…

her modern majesty appeared.

The latest addition to my floral “Power Of Flowers” series combines hardy, tropical hibiscus flowers and punchy, ornamental peppers with the clean lines of modern design providing the perfect touch of flame, tartness, spice and business. Ravishing reds and not-so-mellow yellows are cheeky, playful and unconventional, but then again, so are you!

Have a great weekend!


Abstract Photography of Camping Supplies

Surprising Abstract Surrealist Compositions Created Using Camping Supplies

Abstract Photography of Camping Supplies

Marisa D. Aceves. Foiled Again 2: Shimmering Fire Flower. Digital Photography. 2018.

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Many people love camping.

Especially during Spring and Summer.

Except for uncoordinated,…

mosquito attracting…


with terrible allergies…

like me.

We prefer the air conditioned,..

insect free…

comfort of the great indoors. 😊


that didn’t stop me from visiting the camping isle at my local Walmart.

They had emergency ponchos…




and so much more…

I couldn’t take it all home. Nor did I want to, but a particular item caught my eye. I quickly purchased it and brought it home. After wrestling with it for awhile, I tried to lay it out in just the right position.  Despite using different sources of light, nothing felt as though it would offer anything unusually captivating.

Then, I realized that I had to take a completely different approach to shooting this particular material than the popular one used to shoot reflective surfaces like water.

I layered the image, wanting to evoke a feeling of mystery as well as movement.

The end result was quite striking!

Bright cerulean blues ended in fiery tendril like tips, then faded into into surrounding darkness.

Be on the lookout for more photos from this series as well as it’s release date.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Remember to always live life creatively!

abstract photography of a storage container

Vivid, Architectural Abstract Art Created Using Cleaning Supplies

abstract photography of a storage container

Marisa D. Aceves. “Spring Cleaning: Red Rose Rolo”. digital photography. 2019.

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Intense Architectural Abstract Art

Along with the many splendors and joys of spring…

comes dreaded house hold chores…

…like cleaning.

No one likes to admit they’re a pack rat, a hoarder…

or worse yet, an obstinate procrastinator.

While scrubbing our not so humble homes is the absolute…

last thing on our dreaded“To Do” list, it does have it’s charms..


hidden treasures.

Who could’ve guessed then that the supplies we used to wash away a winter’s worth of trash were so gosh darn inspiring. Well, they are. This particular cleaning tool provided several mesmerizing architectural compositions in a variety of colors.

Check out the series here .

abstract photography of a light fixture

Inventive Animal Art Created Using Light Fixtures

abstract photography of a light fixture

Marisa D. Aceves. Night Life: Blue Dyne Shell. Digital Photography. 2019.

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Joyful Animal Art

When we were kids,

we used to dream…

about all the places we would go…

the amazing things we would do…

and even the heroes we would become.

Now that we’re older,….

reality has set in.

A few of us have achieved those dreams…

traveled to incredible destinations…

met unforgettable individuals,…

but for the vast majority of us…

the demands of life,…

our own choices,…

and the decisions of others have brought us to our present situation…

maybe not an uncomfortable one,…

but far from the silver screen dream we planned for ourselves.

However, this does not mean that our lives are failures or that we haven’t achieved our purpose. Perhaps the joys of life are found not always in big melodramatic adventures, but in the quiet places unappreciated by others.

If we change our mindset and perspective, we can find our next inspirational adventure a little closer to home. The “Night Life” series couldn’t have been produced if I hadn’t been engaged in spring cleaning. Yes, another boring task, but there were gifts, little gold nuggets to be mined in the process. Simple light fixtures we often ignore transcended their original purpose as they provided the basic shapes and patterns for whimsical abstract photographs that remind us of the sea.

Enjoy the rest of series here .

New additions are coming soon.

Have a restful and peaceful weekend.

Always remember to live life creatively!

abstract photography of a night light

Ordinary Objects That Look Like Sea Shells

abstract photography of a night light

Marisa D. Aceves. “Night Life: Fuschia Hourglass Shell”. Digital Photography. 2018.

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Beautiful Abstract Art That Looks Like Sea Shells

Everyone loves night lights…

until we become adults…


they’re just a source of light…

or the latest tech gadget..

not childhood inspiration.


whether you clap on or off..

or hit the switch…

they makes our bedrooms…


and closets bright…

When you flip yours on tonight…

remember…art lives everywhere….

When I shot this standard nightlight, I could already see its artistic potential. The warm glow from the center of the light diffused gently, giving it a unique sculptural quality. The dark background and intense color added to the drama. Visions of transparent jelly fish and beautifully pattern conches emerged, creating the welcome introduction to this latest object adventure series.