Ordinary Objects That Look Like Planetary Bodies

Face of planet 2016 wtrmrk

Marisa D. Aceves. The Undiscovered Planet. digital photography. 2016.

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The neighbors wondered why he was always looking up at the sky. He never felt the need to engage them. Keeping his secrets and first love close to his heart, he hid from them the many joys of astronomical completion. When night fell, all the world’s mysteries were instantly knitted together in a crystalline canopy far above the reach of most men. The stars sat pertly like Aesop’s grapes tempting hope filled planetary gazers with additional undiscovered treasures.

What does this object remind you of?

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Ordinary Objects That Look Like Colorful Landscapes 2


Red Iris landscape copy

Marisa D. Aceves. Red Iriscape. digital photography. 2016

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Tiny men bow before lesser gods. Their outstretched arms and faux virility always impress the latest generation of pop culture enthusiasts. Reigning briefly in the land of smoke, mirrors and money, they resign themselves to a desperate fate.  Icons never die, Alice has many lives and so does the White Rabbit.

It’s been a long month. At first hibernating during January’s bitter chill seemed like a good idea, but it has quickly become one of the most challenging months I’ve ever encountered.  All this time spent indoors reading, writing, and photographing new objects has made me pray for the predictable beginning of lovey dovey February. Perhaps I’ve decided to focus on objects that remind me of nature because it’s time to get out of the house. Nevertheless, I hope you find the time to enjoy them!

What does this object remind you of?





Ordinary Objects That Look Like Modern Art


Prism Grid-coal  copy WATERMARK

Marisa D. Aceves. Prism Grid: Coal. digital photography.

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A thousand eyes like diamonds sit in ordered rows. Together they hold hands, united in their icy glow. Subtle warmth emerges from darkness as they settle down to breathe. Others wonder at their fortunate rise, but all professions of love are futile. We will never know them.

What does this object remind you of!





Ordinary Objects That Look Like Landscapes

Kitchen Cosmos-A Winters Steak Lake copy

Marisa D. Aceves. Kitchen Cosmos: Snow Lake. 2015. digital photography

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A reluctant snow scene emerges from its canvas of grease and fat.  Natures struggle is reflected in a single moment.  The eye wants freedom; the mind is restless.

Each new year offers plenty of opportunities to be creative and share your unique vision. Wishing you all a productive and creative new year.









Ordinary Objects That Look Like Curious Sea Creatures 2


Marisa D. Aceves. Mind Ammonite. digital photography. 2015.

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Day dreaming about finding himself in a sea of collected memories, he settles for the closest state he can access. Past thoughts, actions and relationships fill each bee cell like layered syrups. At first glance they appear separate, but when viewed as a whole they move together. Gathering at the limits of humanity, they stand side by side, technicolor soldiers blinded by the idea of coexistence yet never touching.

The accompanying description/poem is about how the mind can split after a traumatic event. Sometimes the particular event and other memories associated with it cannot be easily accessed. As a result the person goes through life feeling splintered or disconnected. They never feel like a whole or complete individual. Connected memories in their minds coexist (exist along side one another), but there is great difficulty in linking them together as part of a consistent, accessible event that allows the individual to heal from the trauma.

This particular picture was taken from a Christmas gift that I purchased for my cousin Kevin Aceves and his wife Kristen Shelley Aceves.  I had taken at least three different shots of this object and each has a different feel and look to it. Either way though, all appear to reference biology in some form or another.

I am wishing you all a Happy New Year!

What does this object remind you of?





























Ordinary Objects That Look Like Colorful Landscapes


Marisa D. Aceves. Violet Orchid Love. digital photography. 2015.

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Violet folds gather together. Their grace is evident, though the affair is brief. They are not like the rest of us, surrendering their beauty to foreseen frailties. That is the advantage of being plastic and soulless, having no light but giving the appearance of life. Not content to blossom in their time, they chose to remain vicious pretenders. Stealing love from those that weep in darkness, their faces will meet the dust of succeeding ages. All false gods die not to a celebratory march, but instead to the convenient and constant failing of memory.

This photo was taken from an object that we bought to decorate my mother’s room.  The price was right. She loved it. We bought it. She is such a fan of purple. Every time I see the color, I think of her and her contribution to our lives. The lighting was dim, but I was able to shoot a couple of photographs that I felt best illustrated the theme that this object brought to mind.  Several times in our lives, we are saddened by the fact that we do not appear to have what society tell us that we need to have in order to be considered worthy.  Some people appear to “have it all”, but appearances are not always reality. Sometimes a beautiful face hides great evil.   What does this object remind you of?

Ordinary Objects That Look Like Geometric Art and Architecture

Black and white V- composition photo WaterMrk

Marisa D. Aceves. Black and White V Composition. digital photo. 2015.

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One arrow faces north, the other south.  The sudden urge to yield to the hearts desires are first monitored, then fastidiously controlled. A desperate twin and its polar opposite are brought together with a tight hinge.  There is no hint of neutrality or a reluctant peace treaty, only a trusty handle to ensure cooperation.

My mother bought two of these objects to help us clean and organize the house.  One unusually dull afternoon, I turned to look at the hearth and I saw the object leaning clumsily to one side and it struck me that this would make an interesting photo. Initially, I thought that I was going to get a work break with this newly discovered find, a one shot photo. Instead, I had to shoot the object repeatedly. Several of the pictures failed to impress me and I was beginning to get a little irritated and distressed, but then I managed to calm myself and study the top of the object which appeared to have a strong geometric symmetry.  Finally, I chose this photo for the unveiling because its design reminded me of many strained relationships (they may be work relationships or personal relationships) that occur because the people involved have opposing views on how things should be done. The top arrows represent one side the bottom arrows the other. The arrow designs on both the top and the bottom are both black and white because contained within extreme forms of thought there are still ideas which contradict one another, therefore making the arguments of each side less valid.  Neither side would give except that ultimately they are working towards the same cause. This cause, (represented by the hinge), binds them together so they are forced to find a way to work out their differences. This is achieved with the handle, that in this design, is placed strategically in the middle like a referee. The handle ( person or organization representing the handle) carries the two opposing sides and helps them to work out their differences, at least for a brief moment until they have their next inevitable disagreement.Without this handle, their would be no achievement, no progress.

What is your interpretation of this object? What does it remind you of?