Ordinary Objects That Look Like Bursting Stars


Marisa D. Aceves. Metallic Star Flower. digital photography. 2017.

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Crimson ray dividing

Gold arms embrace the horizon

Beauty unleashed


*Thank you for visiting. Please pray for the people in Florida, Mexico and the surrounding coastal areas.



Ordinary Objects That Combine Nature And Industry


Marisa D. Aceves. Wave Body Formation (black and white). digital photography. 2017.

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Winding metallic lines meet boldly.

Waves catch mid days light,

Holding their form,

Anticipating the curious.

Eyes still standing,

Encase the surrogate womb,

Sealing deep wells,

Impressing your mind.


What does this object remind you of?



Ordinary Objects That Look Like Water 3

Marisa D. Aceves. Discovering Spring Cleaning: Double Eye Water Wave Meditation. digital photography. 2016.

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 Moving gracefully toward earth

 Shapes form rhythmic waves

 A resplendent home at the waters edge


It’s always a challenge hunting for new and exciting surfaces to photograph. You can’t take every surface home to properly light it. Sometimes it’s in front of you for only a brief moment before it disappears from view. If you hesitate, you lose the shot. If you don’t snap up an item on sale, someone else will buy it. Then you might never get the chance to bring it into your studio or workspace. In life as in art, timing is often a large part of success. When I spotted this item at one of our local stores, I had only a few minutes to take the picture before employees and customers started to wonder what the heck I was doing. I also had to contend with the stores harsh lighting which briefly stole my confidence before I summed up the courage to shoot despite the obstacles.

This photograph is a sample from my New Spring Cleaning Series that deals with removing from our lives harmful thoughts, habits or individuals that are detrimental to our emotional, psychological and spiritual health. The repetitive rhythms and colors are meant to generate a sense of calm and awareness. I used cleaning supplies to create the first part of this series which provides a pun on it’s title.

Ordinary Objects That Look Like Cell Division


Marisa D. Aceves. Cell Division. digital photography. 2017.

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Miracle Division

Wonder of life

Enveloped in love


Have a wonderful weekend! Always be grateful for loving, generous people that make each day a special occasion.


Ordinary Objects That Look Like Steamy Landscapes

Marisa D. Aceves. Heatscape 1. digital photography 2016.

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A virulent muse spreads her flesh and desire throughout the factory. As the room spins, steam bubbles, burdened by the summer heat, hitch a ride on the backs of their spiritless, affluent neighbors. Sealed neatly inside this commercial package, society groans while the youth quake.


Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Ordinary Object That Looks Like A Minimalist Painting

Ordinary Objects That Look Like Minimalist Paintings

Ordinary Object That Looks Like A Minimalist Painting

Marisa D. Aceves. Kitchen Transmission Series: I Can Feel Rhythm. Digital Photo. 2017.

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Rising early to meet the light

Bands of beauty

Rhythmic delight


In this new series, Kitchen Transmissions, I decided to use objects you might find in your kitchen to create work that is a bright, bold play on light and movement. When I was a child, my autism made a trip to the mall or even to a neighbors house intolerable. Loud sounds, colors, and rapid movement in different areas of our home would make me panic. I would run to find a ‘safe spot’ to hide and destress. It wasn’t until I entered my college years that I finally made an attempt to dampen my senses and lessen my anxiety with earplugs or shades. While past experiences with sensory overstimulation  caused me considerable grief, I wanted to get rid of the negative connotation commonly associated with these unpleasant experiences. In response to this, I created this body of work that simulates the rapid movement coupled with the bright, rich colors I experienced during these episodes. Instead of the fear and confusion that I felt, I wanted the viewer to experience energy, and a sense of renewal. Even the worst experiences can be used to positively to help others heal and grow in their creative journey.

This coming week, I encourage you to take your challenges and turn them into strengths.



Ordinary Objects That Look Like Flowers And Water 2


Marisa D. Aceves. Violet Tulip Wave Pattern. digital photography. copyright 2017.

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She languishes in solitude

A million mouths to feed

Heaviness at her doorstep

As the waves of pain recede

The object used to create this photograph was easy enough to find. All it took was a quick trip to the dollar general. If you can guess what this object is, you will discover the significance of the poem above.

Joyful Geometric Landscape and Cityscapes Made With Photography


Marisa D. Aceves. Cosmic Rocket Ride Landing. Digital art painting/photo manipulation. 2016

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Bursting through hued planes of existence

Time encapsulates our anticipated arrival

We always knew we belonged to this place

Our minds wondered there

Filling generous pockets with dreams

A welcome haze

Entering the atmosphere

Tied to the blaze

 by Marisa D. Aceves

My new colorful, vivid geometric digital art series that celebrates places and events that hold a special place in our hearts and minds is now available on my website. Just click the blue link above to explore a sampling of the work. As the weeks go by, I will be adding more to “Life Quilts” so STAY TUNED. These pieces were also inspired by beautiful textiles and quilt design. You will also notice that the delicate layering of transparent photography texture and digital graphics give each piece a multidimensional feel.

Color Field Digital Art That Looks Like Quilts


Marisa D. Aceves. Improvisational Electric Sunset in Blue. Digital Painting. 2016

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Evenings quiet, ultramarine blue bathes the mountain tops in the blanket of fading memory

The world is a dangerous place for small men

Anxiously hiding beneath the coat tails of their superiors

They wait for a light shower of rain that never comes

Except in twilight dreams

Where gold crusted streets lick their heels

Each city light meets their pallid faces

With a mothers welcome warmth

Lingering there in subtle admiration

Before the weight of their hearts pulls the wealth of existence to them

by Marisa D. Aceves


This series was created in the midst of technical difficulty and software incompatibility. I subtlety layered photography, graphics and color fields to create its liquid, quilt-like appearance. I felt that though certain parts of the piece were celebratory, they like the poem above, hint at better, more affluent times that are sadly not as accessible as they used to be. While we still see parts of our world as beautiful and worthy of preservation, we find ourselves surrounded by a sci-fi utopian horror of a society that if it continues the way it is going, will unapologetically eat its youth, growth and innovation. However, this piece like the others in this series are dedicated to the hope that we can one day come together in our humanity, lovingly respect each others differences, and take back the world that once was ours to celebrate.

Pass The Love Around:Grateful Hearts Series


Marisa D. Aceves. Grateful Heart: Twinkling Heart Stars. digital photography. 2016.

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Love waits patiently….

Closer than wondering minds can percieve

Nearer still, if you dare to believe


I feel that I must share this series at a time when many would question whether there was any good in this world. The frequency with which we view violence and hate in our everyday lives would lead us to believe that love is a myth, an outdated set of rules our grandparents were forced to adhere to. However, there are people out there that do know what love is all about. Perhaps you have met some along the way. They accept you for who you are, support you during difficult times and are encouraged by your success. I kindly ask that this weekend, or sometime this coming week, you let the special, loving people in your life know just how much you appreciate their presence and contribution to your life.

Have a blessed weekend and a joyful week!

Remember always, to live life creatively!


Ordinary Objects That Remind Us Of Insects


Marisa D. Aceves. Fusion Surface: Honey Well. digital photography. 2016

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Layered disks unite by design

Warm light carries nature’s secrets

Each flower inherits an anxious bee

Dancing wildly, speaking in code

Counting minutes with tiny feet; building cells for future cogs

Days of diligence end in sweetness

A quiet meditation of the soul

Strong mother’s rule wisely

In a hidden kingdom down the block


What does this object remind you of?

When I photographed this object and put it through a filter, it reminded me of honey on a honey wand. It’s translucency and the angle in which it was shot helped to further create the illusion of this popular condiment.




















abstract photography of a light fixture

Inventive Animal Art Created Using Light Fixtures

abstract photography of a light fixture

Marisa D. Aceves. Night Life: Blue Dyne Shell. Digital Photography. 2019.

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When we were kids,

we used to dream…

about all the places we would go…

the amazing things we would do…

and even the heroes we would become.

Now that we’re older,….

reality has set in.

A few of us have achieved those dreams…

traveled to incredible destinations…

met unforgettable individuals,…

but for the vast majority of us…

the demands of life,…

our own choices,…

and the decisions of others have brought us to our present situation…

maybe not an uncomfortable one,…

but far from the silver screen dream we planned for ourselves.

However, this does not mean that our lives are failures or that we haven’t achieved our purpose. Perhaps the joys of life are found not always in big melodramatic adventures, but in the quiet places unappreciated by others.

If we change our mindset and perspective, we can find our next inspirational adventure a little closer to home. The “Night Life” series couldn’t have been produced if I hadn’t been engaged in spring cleaning. Yes, another boring task, but there were gifts, little gold nuggets to be mined in the process. Simple light fixtures we often ignore transcended their original purpose as they provided the basic shapes and patterns for whimsical abstract photographs that remind us of the sea.

Enjoy the rest of series here .

New additions are coming soon.

Have a restful and peaceful weekend.

Always remember to live life creatively!



abstract photography of laundry supplies

Amazing Optical Illusion Art Created Using Laundry Supplies

abstract photography of laundry supplies

Marisa D. Aceves. “Laundratopia: Rotational Twist”. Digital Photo. 2018.

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After a brief hiatus from my abstract photography blog,…

I’m back to creating the work I love best,…

finding the extraordinary in ordinary objects that surround us.

Here’s yet another addition to my one of my latest series “Laundratopia“!

“Rotational Twist”, like the rest of the work in this series, is inspired by 60s optical art! You can read more about it here.

Before I shot the photos, I never really liked doing laundry. Like many other folks out there, it was just another one of those boring, but necessary chores.

Now, I realize that you can find inspiration and joy even in the mundane.  All it takes is a touch of creativity and a different mindset.

Have a wonderfully creative weekend!


abstract photography of a night light

Ordinary Objects That Look Like Sea Shells

abstract photography of a night light

Marisa D. Aceves. “Night Life: Fuschia Hourglass Shell”. Digital Photography. 2018.

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Everyone loves night lights…

until we become adults…


they’re just a source of light…

or the latest tech gadget..

not childhood inspiration.


whether you clap on or off..

or hit the switch…

they makes our bedrooms…


and closets bright…

When you flip yours on tonight…

remember…art lives everywhere….


When I shot this standard nightlight, I could already see its artistic potential. The warm glow from the center of the light diffused gently, giving it a unique sculptural quality. The dark background and intense color added to the drama. Visions of transparent jelly fish and beautifully pattern conches emerged, creating the welcome introduction to this latest object adventure series.








abstract photography of sections of architecture

Ordinary Objects That Look Like Color Field Abstract Art

abstract photography of sections of architecture

Marisa D. Aceves. “Spectrum: Blue Light Fold”. Digital Photography. 2019.

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We’d like to think the walls of our home keep us safe.

They provide necessary protection against the elements,…

strangers, and complex predators…,

but did we ever dream..

that they could be a source of artistic inspiration?

Probably not….


In this latest installment of object adventures,..

I’ve added a new addition to the “Spectrum” series,..

“Blue Light Fold”.

Sections of architecture were carefully shot and fused together to create the illusion of a radiating flower like pattern whose vibrant, glowing quality is reminiscent of Color Field Abstract Art and light sculptures from the 70s Light/Space Movement.

When I created this series, I didn’t realize how many striking variations I could create, but as I’ve often pointed out…

the possibilities are endless..

What does this object remind you of?

Have a wonderful and blessed Weekend!

Always remember…

to live life creatively.


Ordinary Objects That Look Like 60s Op Art 2

abstract photography of laundry supplies

Marisa D. Aceves. “Laundratopia: Optical V Pull”. Digital Photography. 2018.

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Come with me on another object adventure…

This week we are once more artistically analyzing the profundity of a much hated household chore…


Even the smallest of changes to a found texture can make a great difference in the way it’s perceived.

In the latest installment to my Op Art laundry inspired series “Laundratopia”, it was the compositional extreme pull in the middle that gives it its’ penetrating feel.

Like the visual pull, we often feel that somebody or something is moving us strongly in a direction that we may or may not want to go.

When we try to ignore the situation..

the more intense it becomes.

At this point..

we are aware of one thing.

That the situation must be dealt with.

The constant pursuit of wisdom and peace in our lives often causes us to overlook

ourselves and our own needs.

However, if we insist on putting our own emotional, psychological and physical needs on the back-burner, we suffer from burnout and a lingering malaise that eventually leads to melancholy and finally bitterness.

Make time for others, but do so with limits, not for the lack of love, but because you have to love yourself before you can love others.

Have a peaceful, loving and artful weekend.

Always remember to live life creatively!


abstract photography of a basket

Ordinary Objects That Look Like 60s Optical Illusion Art

abstract photography of a basket

Marisa D. Aceves. “Laundratopia: Body Twist”. digital photography. 2018.

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Nobody likes to do the laundry. Well, maybe some folks do, but not the ones I know. It’s a detestably boring activity whose necessity becomes apparent with each smelly pile of daily contributions. Laundry is just that, until upon closer inspection, you become obscessed with the patterns before you. Then, another world emerges from the constant grind of daily chores. At that moment, art is life and life is art. Each set of patterns leads to a host of playful compositions. They introduce themselves like eager guests at the best cocktail party.

When this artwork emerged from a host of others, it reminded me of two modern dancers crouching and twisting their bodies in preparation for a sudden leap. They blended neatly with the patterns on the floor which grounded them. Yet, they were trying to find their own identity apart from their surroundings.

We’re all trying to discover our unique character and purpose. The world is a confusing place. Sometimes, we feel like a number, ordinary, dull, maybe even unlovable. Like avoiding the laundry, we artfully dodge pain producing or unpleasant tasks, choosing instead to to travel the pleasant, familiar road, but there’s no real growth there. In order to learn, reach our goals, even surpass our greatest dreams we must continue to embrace the struggle.


Ordinary Objects That Look Like Beautiful Snowflakes

Marisa D.Aceves .  Steely Probiotica: Special Edition Rose Gold Crystal Snowflake. Digital Photography. 2018.

Here’s a special snowflake I created to  start off the holidays. It’s part of a new series I’m working on that I will be sharing periodically this December. Enjoy! Have a wonderfully creative weekend.