Amethyst 8- Sediment
Marisa D. Aceves. Amethyst 8: Sediment. digital photo. 2015

My name is Marisa Denise Aceves.  I am an abstract multimedia artist that loves to find the extraordinary in the ordinary. Few people appreciate the beauty and the wonder that surrounds them.  I suppose it has a little something to do with gratefulness. Sometimes inspiration is even closer than your backyard…maybe your stove or coffee cup.  Currently, I am fascinated with landscapes, so I am presently choosing to focus on different aspects of objects which remind me of nature and my favorite landscape photographs and paintings. You are free to guess what I might have used to create the photos which I am choosing to feature on this art blog. At present I am working on mixed media abstract art, digital art paintings, and photography.

If you’ve visited this blog before, you are probably familiar with my abstract photography. Recently, I decided to create digital art pieces that combined my abstract photographs of objects with geometric graphics to create hybrid digital paintings/photo manipulations. Here is an example of one of my recent posts and favorite works from my new “Life Quilts” series, “Improvisational, Electric Sunset in Blue”.


I am hoping that we can share our inspiration and that we never forget to LIVE LIFE CREATIVELY!


15 thoughts on “About

    1. Thank you! I visited your website. You are a talented photographer. Your black and white photographs are particularly strong. Thank you for following my blog. I have just added your blog to the ones that I am currently following!


  1. Thank you for your positive response. I firmly believe that it helps us to see life’s many possibilities instead of our limitations. 😉 Have a great week Karen.


    1. Thank you so much! I enjoy your articles; as I strongly feel that many artists face the issues that you mention throughout different stages of their career. Unfortunately, at this particular time, I have other professional obligations, but I will definitely check out your wonderful blog again soon. Have a great weekend. 😉


  2. Marissa:
    Thank You for the “Follow” for my blog. I came to see your work. I am loving it!!!!! Perhaps I can feature one of your pictures in a future blog??? The talent to see the treasure in while others perceive”ordinary”— is a gift!
    Thanks. I try to portray people discovering that very thing.Luckily sublimity is not interested in caste, money or status. It just arrives when someone sees deeply. Keep doing what you do so well!


    1. Sue:
      Thank you so much for visiting my blog and appreciating my work. Please visit again. I’m looking forward to viewing more of your posts.
      I’m honored,


  3. Hi Marisa,

    I’m very glad to have discovered your blog. Fascinating pieces of art combined with lovely snippets of prose. It’s great to see things from your perspective.



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