No, Life Doesn't Always Follow YOUR Plans: Christmas Revised

We plan our holiday parties, weddings, birthdays even our weeks, but life has its twists and turns. It doesn’t always warn us when disaster occurs or when trials meet us at our most unprepared. All these dashed expectations can lead us to feel hopeless and helpless in the midst of these challenges. So we look to things that are familiar to help us cope with the disappointment. My mother and I were looking forward to seeing my sister and her husband this Christmas. They live in another part of the state. We rarely get to see them, though we often communicate through email or text. However, it looks as though they may have to stay home and recover from a rather nasty flu virus. My sister’s doctor advised that they stay at home for at least five days before they see other people. Well, I guess this means that we will miss my sister and her husband this Christmas. When she spoke with my mother on the phone, she could barely contain her disappointment. I think she mentioned something about everything being taken away since they couldn’t even attend the holiday parties that they had been invited to. However, my mother told her that it was more important that they take care of their health. We could make arrangements to see them sometime after Christmas. Though I was feeling depressed about their absence, I decided to focus my camera on the familiar graceful curves of the poinsettia plant. Its’ star shaped, ruby red flowers are a welcome presence during the entire month of december.

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

* Don’t neglect the small things that are constant in your life; continue to receive them with gratitude in your heart, mind and spirit!
*Try to see the beauty in things overlooked and unappreciated!
*Finally, if you have your health this Christmas and Holiday Season, then you are truly blessed.

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