abstract photography of flowers and peppers

Mind bending, Kaleidoscopic Op Art Created Using Flowers and Ornamental Peppers

abstract photography of flowers and peppers

Marisa D. Aceves. Power Of Flowers: Hibiscus And Ornamental Pepper Wheel. Digital Photography. 2019.

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The sturdy,…

weathered green house …

didn’t give away its secrets readily.

Many rows of plants…

and a thousand blossoms later,…

her modern majesty appeared.

The latest addition to my floral “Power Of Flowers” series combines hardy, tropical hibiscus flowers and punchy, ornamental peppers with the clean lines of modern design providing the perfect touch of flame, tartness, spice and business. Ravishing reds and not-so-mellow yellows are cheeky, playful and unconventional, but then again, so are you!

Have a great weekend!


abstract photography of a celosia flower

Mind-bending, Kaleidoscopic Op Art Created Using Tropical Flowers

abstract photography of a celosia flower

Marisa D. Aceves. “The Power Of Flowers: Rotating Diamond Yellow Celosiascape ”. Digital Photography. 2019.

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Earlier this month, I posted the first addition to my latest collection, “The Power Of Flowers”, “Radiating Asiatic Lilyscape”.

You can read all about my inspiration for this colorful design based series here .

For the creation of this piece, I shot the tips of fiery Celosia plants. Their tropical, exotic beauty turns heads and warms the hearts of many an enthusiastic gardener.

Enjoy the inspirational view and the rest of your summer!

Have a great weekend!


abstract photography of a lily

Mind-bending, Kaleidoscopic Op Art Created Using Flowers

abstract photography of a lily

Marisa D. Aceves. “The Power Of Flowers: Radiating Asiatic Lilyscape”. Digital Photography. 2019.

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The majority of us love flowers…

plants, majestic blue skies….

and sunshine.


provide us a peaceful place…

to regroup…

and appreciate nature.

When I decided to get a little…


with this latest project…

I just knew nature would come together in mysterious ways…

I decided to start my latest collection with the Asiatic Lily. I feel it’s beauty surpasses other lilies I’ve seen at the nurseries. The cheery green leaves, mellow yellow pistoles and soda pop purples provided the perfect punch when split into many crystalline sections.

I hope this makes your weekend a wonderful one.


Ordinary Objects That Look Like Colorful Landscapes 2


Red Iris landscape copy

Marisa D. Aceves. Red Iriscape. digital photography. 2016

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Tiny men bow before lesser gods. Their outstretched arms and faux virility always impress the latest generation of pop culture enthusiasts. Reigning briefly in the land of smoke, mirrors and money, they resign themselves to a desperate fate.  Icons never die, Alice has many lives and so does the White Rabbit.

It’s been a long month. At first hibernating during January’s bitter chill seemed like a good idea, but it has quickly become one of the most challenging months I’ve ever encountered.  All this time spent indoors reading, writing, and photographing new objects has made me pray for the predictable beginning of lovey dovey February. Perhaps I’ve decided to focus on objects that remind me of nature because it’s time to get out of the house. Nevertheless, I hope you find the time to enjoy them!

What does this object remind you of?





Ordinary Objects That Look Like Colorful Landscapes


Marisa D. Aceves. Violet Orchid Love. digital photography. 2015.

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Violet folds gather together. Their grace is evident, though the affair is brief. They are not like the rest of us, surrendering their beauty to foreseen frailties. That is the advantage of being plastic and soulless, having no light but giving the appearance of life. Not content to blossom in their time, they chose to remain vicious pretenders. Stealing love from those that weep in darkness, their faces will meet the dust of succeeding ages. All false gods die not to a celebratory march, but instead to the convenient and constant failing of memory.

This photo was taken from an object that we bought to decorate my mother’s room.  The price was right. She loved it. We bought it. She is such a fan of purple. Every time I see the color, I think of her and her contribution to our lives. The lighting was dim, but I was able to shoot a couple of photographs that I felt best illustrated the theme that this object brought to mind.  Several times in our lives, we are saddened by the fact that we do not appear to have what society tell us that we need to have in order to be considered worthy.  Some people appear to “have it all”, but appearances are not always reality. Sometimes a beautiful face hides great evil.   What does this object remind you of?



Marisa D. Aceves. Lasers and Let-Us (Lettuce): Misty Flower Bed. digital photography

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Small purple flowers huddle together for comfort.  Colorful lights illuminate the garden.  Gently passing over delicate petals, they hover briefly in transcendent celebration.

I will continue to share my various conceptual nature series as well as other abstract artwork; be on the lookout.  Unfortunately, this last week and the week before I’ve been experiencing the most annoying, hair pulling, modem throwing connection problems.  I’m having great difficulty viewing the internet. Naturally, there has been a sizable lag in between my artwork posts. I kindly ask that you all bear with me. Despite this spirit crushing setback, I have confidence that our family will find a decent solution to this mess.  For now, this little grey mare (computer) is in remission. 😉

New Abstract Photography: Kitchen Supplies That Remind Us of Landscapes

Tinscape-Object 150

Marisa D. Aceves. Tinscape Object 150. digital photography.

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* Unfortunately, there has been a slight change in format because some of the features for my WordPress blog are not cooperating.  I kindly ask that you please be patient while I’m trying to correct this problem.

Shards of light dance excitedly on a fractured surface. The golden geometric mountain heaves and twists with each labored breath. Bits of bright poppy red and fushia explode like spring flowers as they bravely invade each shard of this well worn, knotty landscape. 

When I first noticed this object, I liked the way the light reflected off of its surface.  It seemed to gladly inherit the colors around it so that each shot had it’s own unique personality. Finally, I settled on this particular picture because I liked the warm color combination.  I felt the bright cheery color was as much a celebration of spring as it was an extraordinary exploration into something we are all familiar with, yet take for granted.

No, Life Doesn’t Always Follow YOUR Plans: Christmas Revised

No, Life Doesn't Always Follow YOUR Plans: Christmas Revised

We plan our holiday parties, weddings, birthdays even our weeks, but life has its twists and turns. It doesn’t always warn us when disaster occurs or when trials meet us at our most unprepared. All these dashed expectations can lead us to feel hopeless and helpless in the midst of these challenges. So we look to things that are familiar to help us cope with the disappointment. My mother and I were looking forward to seeing my sister and her husband this Christmas. They live in another part of the state. We rarely get to see them, though we often communicate through email or text. However, it looks as though they may have to stay home and recover from a rather nasty flu virus. My sister’s doctor advised that they stay at home for at least five days before they see other people. Well, I guess this means that we will miss my sister and her husband this Christmas. When she spoke with my mother on the phone, she could barely contain her disappointment. I think she mentioned something about everything being taken away since they couldn’t even attend the holiday parties that they had been invited to. However, my mother told her that it was more important that they take care of their health. We could make arrangements to see them sometime after Christmas. Though I was feeling depressed about their absence, I decided to focus my camera on the familiar graceful curves of the poinsettia plant. Its’ star shaped, ruby red flowers are a welcome presence during the entire month of december.

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

* Don’t neglect the small things that are constant in your life; continue to receive them with gratitude in your heart, mind and spirit!
*Try to see the beauty in things overlooked and unappreciated!
*Finally, if you have your health this Christmas and Holiday Season, then you are truly blessed.