Promise of a New Year: What's your Art Resolution for 2014?

Another year has come and gone and now it would appear it is time to make resolutions. I usually choose not to get in the habit of making resolutions because I never know what the year will bring. This does not mean that proper planning or taking advantage of the right opportunities is not helpful; it simply means that none of us can completely prepare for what we don’t know is going to happen. However, I have decided to break that mold and make an Art Resolution for 2014: I plan to find new and innovative ways to promote my work to a wider audience and investigate selling giclee prints online. Oops! I guess that would be more than one resolution! On that note, I would like to end this short and sweet post by inviting you to share your resolutions for this new year!

6 thoughts on “Promise of a New Year: What’s your Art Resolution for 2014?

  1. Good luck with your resolutions. I’m sure you’ll succeed. I believe that if we stir up and become aware of what energy we want going on, it helps it happen. I love your art work. Giclee prints are becoming very popular. Flora Bowley has them, check out her web page.


    1. I appreciate your support! I agree that you have to have a positive attitude and work hard to attain the goals you would like to reach! I love the colors and energy in your work! I could learn a lot from your use of color. I will definitely check out Flora Bowley! Thanks for your comments.


    1. That sounds great! I love photography as well. I can’t wait to stop by your blog and check out your photography! Thanks for sharing. Good luck for the new year!


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