Experimentation Can Be Quite Rewarding If You Are Willing To Take Chances

Sometimes, people are afraid to try out new ideas that might in fact add depth to their work. They believe that it will just be a waste of time or money. They worry that it will keep the work they already have from having an overall consistent look. When I started the series that included this painting, I did not worry about these things, I just went for it. I quickly bought the canvases and enamel paints that I would need. Then I went to work. When I was finished I had succeeded in painting both the canvases and the surrounding porch(we scraped this and repainted it later). The solo exhibition that included this work was a success as I was able to sell several works from this particular series. The painting above is “Gulf 1” from the Satellite Series that is also featured on my website. I encourage all of you to caste your fears and worries aside, get into your artistic zone and just create! If you’d like to share your experiences with experimental techniques or experimental works that have inspired you, feel free to make a comment. I’d love to hear from you!

You can check out more from this series at: http://www.acevesart.com/

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