Object 180

When I took my first photography course, I could not have imagined that I would develop an interest in macro photography. Nor would I have guessed that in recent years, instead of going out and taking pictures of bugs, bees, flowers etc., I would find inspiration in a wash towel, a piece of tin foil, the center of a line of staples etc., but that is exactly what happened. Many of us think that we will end up covering certain subject matter in our work, but then our interests change, we take a detour, or we simply mature in our vision for our work. Everyday objects are easily accessible, and they can be presented to us from a variety of different perspectives. I like to call some of my abstract photos object portraiture, because that is exactly what they are. Sometimes a simple piece of soap can look like the surface of the moon or a colorado landscape; it all depends on how you utilize lighting, color saturation etc. The object itself never changes, only our interpretation of that object. Somehow, the art of abstract photography gives an object new life, it shows us what the object can be or what it could become. Perhaps you would like to share what inspires you to produce your art!

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