Ordinary Objects That Look Like Modern Art


Prism Grid-coal  copy WATERMARK

Marisa D. Aceves. Prism Grid: Coal. digital photography.

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A thousand eyes like diamonds sit in ordered rows. Together they hold hands, united in their icy glow. Subtle warmth emerges from darkness as they settle down to breathe. Others wonder at their fortunate rise, but all professions of love are futile. We will never know them.

What does this object remind you of!






New Abstract Photography: Kitchen Supplies That Remind Us of Landscapes

Tinscape-Object 150

Marisa D. Aceves. Tinscape Object 150. digital photography.

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Shards of light dance excitedly on a fractured surface. The golden geometric mountain heaves and twists with each labored breath. Bits of bright poppy red and fushia explode like spring flowers as they bravely invade each shard of this well worn, knotty landscape. 

When I first noticed this object, I liked the way the light reflected off of its surface.  It seemed to gladly inherit the colors around it so that each shot had it’s own unique personality. Finally, I settled on this particular picture because I liked the warm color combination.  I felt the bright cheery color was as much a celebration of spring as it was an extraordinary exploration into something we are all familiar with, yet take for granted.