New Black and White Abstract Photography Series- TREASURE -COMING SOON!!!…

Wicker surface B&W

Marisa D. Aceves. Treasure: Light Body. Digital Photography.

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Thin strips of vine intersect. Together they create a voluptuous, open body of ripples.  Emerging from early morning shadows, this graceful form stands firm and strong.

When I first noticed this object, the light from the kitchen widows hit its surface in such a way that it almost looked like a surreal woven landscape. Upon later inspection, the form of the object reminded me of the subtle curves of the human body. In the upcoming series Treasure, I deliberately seek out objects that most people would discard.  They are aged, worn and sometimes in need of repair, but if you look at them from a different point of view, you will see their hidden beauty.

Across the street -Suburban Landscape 2: A red car passing Sunday afternoon

Abstract photo of a Suburban Landspcape

I believe that the seeded glass often used in the windows of older homes provides an excellent backdrop for the passage of time. It obscures the details of the subject giving the scene a sense of mystery, while still providing the the rough patches of color and the general forms that make up the landscape. As you can gather from the title, this seeded glass picture, was taken at a different time than the previous one that I had posted. The texture of the seeded glass remains the same, but the color scheme is warmer, and the shapes that are visible through the glass have changed. It has been my experience, that the quite moments in life are silent treasures waiting to be discovered and appreciated. For more information on this photography series you may check out my main website at : http// .