Ordinary Objects That Look Like Modern Architecture and Flowers

Marisa D. Aceves. Metallic Star Flower. Digital Photography. 2017.

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We’re on the third weekend of our Christmas Countdown! This object was originally meant to be a part of our Christmas festivities. When we saw the object at the super store last year, we knew it would make the perfect addition to our holiday decor. Unfortunately, as beautiful as it was, it failed to solve our decorating dilemma. It’s now stored away in our garage somewhere, waiting patiently for a new home or a future appearance.

Can you guess what this object is?

What does it remind you of?

Ordinary Objects That Look Like Mysterious Landscapes

Star Forest 1 copy wtrmrk

Marisa D. Aceves. Surfacescape: Star Forest (B&W). digital photography 2016.

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Millions of stars stand on each others heads. Prickly fingers dare to grasp the pulsing light of the midday sun.  Their constant companionship wins friends, loves the first breath of spring and keeps close the color of life ensured.

What does this object remind you of?



















Ordinary Objects That Look Like Planetary Bodies

Face of planet 2016 wtrmrk

Marisa D. Aceves. The Undiscovered Planet. digital photography. 2016.

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The neighbors wondered why he was always looking up at the sky. He never felt the need to engage them. Keeping his secrets and first love close to his heart, he hid from them the many joys of astronomical completion. When night fell, all the world’s mysteries were instantly knitted together in a crystalline canopy far above the reach of most men. The stars sat pertly like Aesop’s grapes tempting hope filled planetary gazers with additional undiscovered treasures.

What does this object remind you of?

I hope that you all have a wonderful week!

Hi, if this is your first time visiting this site, I take ordinary objects that I encounter on a daily basis and use photography to transform them into something else familiar, yet altogether enjoyable. You are welcome to have a look at my latest creations or peruse the archives for last years contributions.





















Fire Opal: Nebula 2 Cosmic Explosion: NEW Abstract Photography Has an Outer Space Inspiration


Marisa D. Aceves. Fire Opal: Nebula 2 – Cosmic Explosion. digital photography

In the distant cosmos of our memories, colors burst, forming thinning starry veils. Space breathes forth it’s overwhelming majesty. Smoke and dust dance about rhythmically. The universe is alive. . . .

Very few of us realize the rich gems that surround us on a daily basis. Was this picture taken from a Nasa satellite? No. It was taken right in my home. Can you guess what this object might be? It is rather ordinary; we use it on a regular basis. Inspiring photos are not always taken on some glamorous or exotic location. All it takes is a little creativity and a willingness to look at the everyday objects from a different point of view. When we learn to see life from a different perspective, even the things we once regarded as common/ordinary hold a certain sense of fascination.