Ordinary Objects That Look Like Planetary Bodies

Face of planet 2016 wtrmrk

Marisa D. Aceves. The Undiscovered Planet. digital photography. 2016.

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The neighbors wondered why he was always looking up at the sky. He never felt the need to engage them. Keeping his secrets and first love close to his heart, he hid from them the many joys of astronomical completion. When night fell, all the world’s mysteries were instantly knitted together in a crystalline canopy far above the reach of most men. The stars sat pertly like Aesop’s grapes tempting hope filled planetary gazers with additional undiscovered treasures.

What does this object remind you of?

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Hi, if this is your first time visiting this site, I take ordinary objects that I encounter on a daily basis and use photography to transform them into something else familiar, yet altogether enjoyable. You are welcome to have a look at my latest creations or peruse the archives for last years contributions.





















Extreme Nature Series: Abstracted Sky and Trees

Extreme Nature Series- Sky and Trees

Marisa D. Aceves. After The Rain: Refuge In A Parking Lot Tree. Feel free to check out more of my work at acevesart.com

The rain had lifted. Streaks of grey clouds covered the suburban landscape as a flock of birds sat patiently in a large parking lot tree. A soft halo of light crowned the natural specimen in a temporary glory. I lifted my new LG G3  smart phone to the above scene described and gently tapped the camera icon. The phone made a triumphant popping sound as the scene was captured. Some added filters, saturation and mild sharpening later, the desired mood was set; the photo was complete.

It was a friday afternoon and Mom and I had settled on the idea of visiting our favorite Wing Stop restaurant. She decided to stop for money on the way, so we visited our local H.E.B. grocery store. When we pulled into the parking lot, I spotted the tree with its cargo. I knew I had to stay behind while she went to the ATM. This was a chance to use my new phone. I must report that I was impressed with everything the camera on this phone has to offer. It’s a smart buy, light weight, user friendly and has an excellent camera with a variety of filters and effects. For all you on-the-go camera enthusiasts, if you forget your DSLR or subcompact at home, the LG G3 is an excellent alternative.

Blue Square

Blue Square

As I was looking for some inspiration for my new geometric series of paintings, I remembered a digital photograph that I had taken of a section of an inexpensive, plastic container that I use for storage. This was just an ordinary container, (even forgettable), until in one unexpected moment, it shared it’s secret beauty, it’s structure and the color blue! The end result of the photograph brought back memories of geometric, color field paintings that I had read about in art history when I was in college. I have always enjoyed color, but I didn’t truly begin to understand it’s effects on people until I began to exhibit my work. Occasionally people in my family would tell me about the colors that they loved and the color combinations that they had a profound aversion to. Recently, my sister told me that blue was one of the most popular colors. For some reason, people love blue. Perhaps blue reminds them of the ocean or the sky. It has both a calming and meditative effect often associated with both relaxation and contemplation. So for all of the people that love blue, here is a nice blue post to brighten your day with color. Hopefully, I will be able to translate my love of color and structure to a series of paintings as well. As they say, I will keep you posted.