Satellite Series: Untitled

Satellite Series: Untitled

I always like to try working in other painting mediums besides the two most popular mediums, oil and acrylic. I feel this practice is both humbling and exciting, because you never know what you will learn or where a particular medium will take you. When I first created the abstract paintings in the Satellite Series, I wanted to not only get a feel for working in enamels, but I had a strong desire (although an unrealistic one) to become proficient in the medium on the first try. Proficiency takes time and patience to learn a variety of techniques. What I did find out from this experience, was that if you fail to prepare your area with plastic or cloth before you paint (using plastic table clothes as ground cover is another affordable option), you will inevitably end up painting yourself and the rest of your surroundings. Working in a cool, dry, well ventilated area and wearing the proper equipment is important to preserving your health and the health of your friends and family. For additional information on how to paint with enamels and enamel safety, check out these articles:

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Please Note: Enamels can be very toxic if you are not careful about how you use them. Here is an important link to an article with special measures you can take to protect your health while using enamels –

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Abstract Paintings: Satellite Painting Series: Storm 1

Abstract Paintings: Satellite Painting Series: Storm 1

I have had the privilege of experimenting with photography for the past couple of years; photography influences all of my work. Yet I can clearly remember a time when this was not the case. Although I received a BFA concentration in painting, I longed to express myself in other media as well. The solution to this problem was clear, I become a multimedia artist. Since I have no desire to stop painting, I have decided to revisit old painting series and create new ones. My paintings, like my photography, use everyday objects as their subject matter and source of inspiration. My multimedia paintings are separated into three groups:

Texture Series: Works in a series that use everyday objects as a form of surface texture in the creation of a painting (the featured painting, Storm 1 is an example).

Impression Series: Works in a series that use everyday objects to create deep impressions in the surface of the paint. This creates an almost sculptural feel to the paintings.

Simulation Series: Works that use a picture of an everyday object taken out of context as source material for a fairly realistic simulation of that picture.

The painting which I have chosen to share, Storm 1 was inspired by satellite pictures taken from above the earth. This painting, like others in the same Satellite Painting Series, was created before the satellite digital photography series and has since been exhibited in a solo show.

If you would like to see the rest of the series, check out my website at

Digital Photography Series Satellite 2: Valley 3

Digital Photography Series Satellite 2: Valley 3

This is the third Valley picture in the Satellite Series. I love varying shades of violet and blue in art, photography, and architecture. It is both calming and reflective. Experimenting with color is always important to the overall aesthetic of my work. It sets the mood for the entire piece.

Introduction to Digital Photography Series-Satellite 2


Satellite 2: Desert Sands, Digital Photography, 2013

If you haven’t had the opportunity to read my About Page, allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Marisa Denise Aceves.  I am an abstract artist that works in multimedia. The media that I use, depends on what I am trying to express. In my latest digital photography series, I pay homage to landscapes (satellite pictures) taken from above the earth. Satellite pictures are so beautiful; they are both mysterious and familiar. It is always interesting when we get a view of our planet from a different perspective. These pictures are not actual satellite pictures. I carefully pick common household objects and photograph them in such a way as to try to simulate the look and experience of real satellite pictures. If you would like to check out the rest of this series feel free to visit my website at