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9 Ways To Find Content Ideas For Your Blog Part 3

Header Photo by Clark Tibbs on Unsplash

Article by Marisa D. Aceves

How To Find Content Ideas For Your Blog Part 3

Great content is hard to find.

At least, that is what fellow marketers would like you to believe.

But that is a myth. 

Inspiration for unique content exists in many places.

So are you tired of searching for content ideas without a clue where to begin?

Forget about marinating in your past frustration.

This article series is all about teaching you where to look.

The previous article, Part 2, covers how to get content ideas for your blog utilizing Instagram, Google Search Tool, and Google.

Take an opportunity to check out Part 1 and Part 2.

Now get ready for the following three suggestions.

Your content future is beginning to look a lot brighter.

It’s time to dive in.


Most people assume that this social media site is used strictly for finding jobs and recruiting new employees. But it has many other uses. For example, you may not know that you can increase your organic traffic by distributing your content across groups relating to your industry.

Indeed, there are endless possibilities for content promotion on this platform. All your content can bring visitors from Linkedin to your business website. Blog posts, infographics, and videos are great ways to share your products, services, and overall brand message. Still, you have to know which content generates the most interest. 

To increase your website traffic and search rankings, you must follow Linkedin influencers. They’re the ones whose E-books, business blogging, and guest posts acquire the most shares, likes, and comments. So if you want to improve the results you get from your marketing efforts and meet your marketing goals, learn from the masters.

How do you do that?

Well, you’re about to find out!

Before we begin, you need to remember you’re not just any marketer. It’s crucial to know your niche and positioning in your industry.

To find influencers with a target audience, you want to attract, you must develop a list of keywords that apply to your business. 

You can use Google Keyword Planner or Ubersuggest’s Keyword Tool to find keywords that best describe what you have to offer. 

I’ll use Ubsuggest and the keyword B2B marketing services for this digital marketing example. 

After you type in your keyword in the search box on the homepage, you’ll arrive at the Keyword Overview page.

Ubersuggest SEO Tool Keyword Overview Screenshot For Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blog
Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blog’s Ubersuggest Keyword Overview Page Photo

Scroll down to the Keyword Ideas chart and select the appropriate keywords you can use in a Linkedin industry search. Instead of writing all the keywords down, you can export them to a CSV if you sign in for a free account.

Ubersuggest Keyword Ideas Section Screenshot For Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blog
Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blogs Ubersuggest SEO Tool Keyword Ideas Photo

Now let’s do a google search for B2B marketing influencers. The search engines will tell us which blogs and websites they consider relevant, trustworthy, and high-quality. However, remember not to rely on them exclusively. Always research before depending upon any piece of content.

Keyword Seaarch Screenshot For Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blog
Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art B2B Influencer Keyword Google Search Photo

From the Top Rank Blog in the search results, you can see which B2B influencers to follow across various social media platforms for content creation inspiration. 

B2B Influencer post Screenshot For Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blog
Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blogs Influencer Blog Post Photo

Make a list of the influencers for further research.

Go to the Linkedin website and sign in. Enter one of the influencers from your industry list into the search window at the top of the page.

Marketing Influencer Linkedin Search Screenshot For Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blog
Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blogs B2B Influencer Search Photo

You’ll arrive at a page with various digital content that the influencer has shared with their Linkedin audience. 

B2B Influencer Results Page Linkedin Screenshot For Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blog
Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blogs Linkedin influencer results page Photo

Click the Posts button in the menu at the top of the page.

Linkedin B2B Influencer Post Section Screenshot For Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blog
Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blogs Linkedin Posts Section Photo

Here you will see a list of posts from your chosen market influencer or strategist. 

When studying the top influencers in your industry niche, consider these suggestions:

  • Check to see if the influencer hosts or takes part in webinars.
  • Are they marketing across other social media channels?
  • What marketing strategies, branding, repurposing, or media strategy are they currently using?
  • Examine their call-to-action, white papers, landing pages, and content distribution.
  • When reading their posts, identify which ones generate the most engagement and why.
  • Take note of the pattern and type of hashtags used on each post.

When you create your content, brainstorm ideas on optimizing it based on what successful influencers are doing on social media and their website.

Also, don’t forget to follow them on social media to view their latest content.

Learn about who they connect with, their sales funnel, and their general online presence. Doing this exercise is informative. It can help you find your voice and stand out.


Pinterest first came on the social media scene in March of 2010. However, its founders, Ben SilbermannPaul Sciarra, and Evan Sharp, would never imagine it becoming the marketing hub of today. Since October 2012, Pinterest has allowed businesses to market their goods and services through a business account. 

What does this mean for us marketers?

Well, it’s yet another awesomely powerful social media platform to distribute and share your content. In addition, you can use it to do targeted market research to create content that increases your brand visibility and converts leads into sales. 

But before you get promotional, you need to understand how to utilize Pinterest for content ideas. 

Let’s visit Pinterest and sign in. 

Pinterest Social Media Sign-in Screenshot For Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blog
Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blogs Pinterest Sign-in Photo

Go to your home feed and search for one of the B2B influencers you added to your previous list. 

Influencer Search Result Screenshot For Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blog
Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blogs Pinterest Social Media Influencer Search Page Photo

After adding their name to your Pinterest search, you will arrive at a page with a series of their pins.

Blog Content Ideas Screenshot For Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blog
Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blogs Influencer Profile Photo

To narrow down the search, click on profiles. Then select the business profile of the influencer.

Social Media Influencer Profile Page Screenshot For Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blog
Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blogs Pinterest Influencer Profile Photo

You will instantly arrive at their profile page. 

Then, click on their articles, webinars, and podcasts for additional content ideas. Again you’ll want to check out which pins get the most comments and shares. 

To make the most of your Pinterest research, look at the following areas: 

  • What kind of images are they using? 
  • What are content topics not covered? 
  • Consider what new information you can add to an already engaging issue.

To get additional ideas for pieces of content, do a general niche search or if you have a business account, go to the analytics section and select trends.

Pinterest Platform Analytics Menu Screenshot For Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blog
Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blogs Pinterest Analytics Menu Photo

Here you see a variety of trending content. Next, type your topic in the search bar to view popular posts with solid headlines and a lot of engagement. 

Pinterest Analytics Trends Page Screenshot For Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blog
Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blogs Pinterest Social Media Trends Page Photo
Social Media Pinterest Trends Results Screenshot For Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blog
Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blogs Pinterest Trends Results Photo

Also, visit the shop section to identify what content is selling.

Pinterest Social Media Trends Shop Section Screenshot For Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blog
Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blogs Pinterest Trends Results Shop Page Photo

Finally, visit the profile section and follow influencers in your niche with repeat engagement and business on Pinterest and Linkedin. 

Social Media Pinterest Profiles Section Screenshot For Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blog
Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blogs Pinterest Marketing Trends Profiles Photo

This additional information will help you build your business with carefully curated content Pinterest users love. 

Performing keyword research on social networks can seem intimidating and time-consuming. Still, the insights it provides are essential for increasing your brand awareness and lead generation. 


Statista is the top business data platform. It provides valuable statistics to include to strengthen and back your article points. In addition, you can access trending insights on popular topics like tourism, health, wellness, and advertising.

If you want to geek out, and I suggest you do, then give Statista a try.

The information it provides will take your content to the next level.

Type in your keyword search into the search box and press return.

On the search results page, you’ll notice three critical categories on the left: Statistics, Studies & Reports, and Expert Tools.

Data Insights Platform Statista Keyword Search Screenshot For Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blog
Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blogs Statista Data Analytics Keyword Search Results Photo

The information the reports provide is quite valuable and pricey. Suppose you’re an established business with a marketing budget. In that case, you can either pay for an individual piece or purchase a pro plan.

However, suppose you’re on a tight budget like many. In that case, there is still a way to discover valuable statistics and case studies to add to your content. 

You can perform a google search. 

Type in your ‘keyword’ and the search phrase ‘marketing statistics’ and the ‘year.’

B2B Statistics Search Screenshot For Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blog
Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blogs Google Business Marketing Statistics Photo

To find case studies for your content articles, add your ‘keyword’ and the search phrase ‘case studies’ and the ‘year.’ 

Search Engine Google Search Case Studies Example Screenshot For Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blog
Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blogs Case Studies Google Search Photo

There are several creative ways to find content ideas for your blog and social media platforms. Many bloggers burn out when they can’t find novel ideas in the most common places. Learning to look outside the usual marketing channels to boost content engagement and achieve your business goals is an inbound marketing skill you develop over time. Determining what types of content drives traffic to your website will vary with each platform, so don’t despair. With a carefully thought-out marketing plan, brand consistency, copywriting principles, and an intimate understanding of the buyer process, you too can create killer content that sells.

What other sources for content creation have you discovered?

Meet The Author

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Marisa D. Aceves

Hello, my name is Marisa D. Aceves. I’m a forever curious B2B/B2C freelance writer, artist, and marketer. When not slaving away in the studio, I enjoy sharing articles on marketing strategies and tools and technologies. Follow my blog and receive my latest tips on art marketing, digital marketing, and business software reviews.

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9 Best Ways To Find Content Ideas For Your Blog Part 2

Blog Content Ideas Photo For Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blog
Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Header Photo by Green Chameleon on Unsplash

Article by Marisa D. Aceves

How To Find Content Ideas For Your Blog Part 2

Every marketer has been there.

When you enter content, no man’s land, it seems like there is no way out.

Are you frustrated with trying to look for original, relevant content ideas?

Do you procrastinate writing your business blog articles for fear of showering your audience with posts everyone else is sharing?

I know the feeling.

Being a content connoisseur is no easy job, but someone has to do it.

It might as well be you.

Last week we covered how to use Ubbersuggest, Quora, and Answer The Public to find valuable content ideas to captivate your customers and leads.

Read Part 1 here:

Today, we’ll cover three more overlooked ways to produce engaging content. 

Let us begin.


I know you are sick of the unsavory aspects of social media. Still, it is an excellent place for connecting with potential long-term customers and finding unique content ideas. In addition, hashtags make it easy to search for valuable content. 

First, however, it is best to discover which content people engage with the most. Then, you have to check the amount of engagement each post receives. In this example, I will use customer relationship management. When you type customer relationship management in the search box at the top of the page, a list of Instagram posts with the hashtag emerges.

Instagram Hashtag Result Photo For Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blog
Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blogs Instagram Search Photo

Hover over each post, and you will see two measurements of engagement. A heart icon represents likes; a quote icon represents comments. 

Instagram Engagement Icon Post Photo For Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blog
Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blogs Instagram Engagement Icon Photo

Scroll down the page and find a post with many engagements (likes and comments). Click on it. How is the post content different than the majority of the content you have read on this subject matter.

Instagram Marketing Post Screenshot For Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blog
Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blogs Instagram Post Photo

While you are analyzing Instagram post content, ask yourself these questions:

  •  Does the post include helpful suggestions? 
  • Does it approach a well-tread subject from a unique perspective? 
  • What could you learn from the format?
  • What are people saying in the comment section?

Remember, you do not need to create long, drawn-out essays. Instead, a simple, concise explanation is often the most effective. 

Additionally, using software like upfluence, tagger, and Grin can help you identify influencers to follow, nearly doubling the chance of discovering the best industry content. 

Google Search Suggestions Tool

Google is a famous search engine with which everyone is familiar. However, it is also an easy way to find top content. This is because the detailed algorithms will immediately locate the most relevant, up-to-date content. In addition, it provides helpful keyword suggestions related to your keyword search. 

Google Results Screenshot For Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blog
Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Google Result Photo

Go to the Google Search Home page and type your keyword or phrase. Then press return. Once you have done that, you arrive at the web search page for your selected topic. 

Google Search Drop-down Window Screenshot For Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blog
Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Google Customer Relationship Management Search Drop-down Window Photo

Click next to your keyword in the search window, and you will see a drop-down menu with additional search suggestions.

Search Result Google Page People Also Ask Section Screenshot For Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blog
Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Google Search Result Engine People Also Ask Section Photo

A little further below, you will see the People also ask section.

This section lists questions many people ask about your chosen topic. All or any of these could form the basis of a great article. 

Moreover, you can visit each website to study article format, content, and engagement. Expand on the topic. Carefully consider what is not covered.

Google trends software helps you explore popular topics on the web. Precise analytics show you several ways you can measure interest in your subject. In addition, you can discover interest over time and by subregion and related topics and questions. This comprehensive approach aids you in deciding which topics to cover and when.

Google Trends Analytics Software Customer Relationship Management Keyword Search Photo For Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blog
Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Google Trends Software Keyword Screenshot

To use Google Trends, visit the home page, enter your keyword or phrase in the search box. Then, click next to the keyword in the search box to view the drop-down window. There, you can select a Search term, Field of study, or Topic. For this example, I will choose the Search term option.

Interest Over Time Section Chart With Drop-down Menu Screenshot For Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blog
Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Google Trends Interest Over Time Section Drop Down Menu Photo

As you can see from the chart at the top of the page, interest over time for customer relationship management has been pretty steady. Above this chart, you will see a handy menu with the items: United States (hint: or your country of origin), Past five years, All categories, and Web Search. Each of these categories has a drop-down menu to help you narrow down your search. Click on the downward arrow next to the menu item to view each selection.

Google Trends Keyword Research Tool Interest By Subregion Chart Photo For Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blog
Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Google Trends Interest By Subregion Chart Photo

Scroll down to view the Interest by subregion chart. This chart shows you exactly which subregions are searching for your topic. Now you can use this information to create a strategically targeted content strategy without all the fuss. Once you know which regions are the most likely to view your content, you can study them and adjust your writing voice to be more appealing to your audience. 

Google Trends Keyword Research Software Related Topics And Related Queries Charts Screenshot Photo For Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blog
Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blogs Google Trends Related Topics And Related Queries Charts Photo

Next, you will see the Related topics and Related queries charts.

Google Trends Research Tool Related Topics Chart Photo For Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blog
Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Google Trends Related Topics Chart Screenshot

The Related topics chart shows you several topics related to your original search term that you can also use for the subject of future articles.

Google Trends Keyword Research Software Related Topics Notifications Screenshot For Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blog
Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Google Trends Related Topics Chart Notifications Photo

Google Trends notifies you which related topics are trending or on the rise. Hover over each selection, and a line of dots will appear. Click this line.

Google Trends Keyword Tool Related Topics Menu Screenshot For Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blog
Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blogs Google Trends Related Topics Drop-Down Menu Photo

A drop-down menu will provide you with the choice of searching on Google for the related topic, comparing it to your original topic search, or exploring the related topic further. At the top of the chart, you will see a series of icons. The menu items give you a choice to view top or rising content, download your list of related keywords, embed or share them. 

Good Trends Keyword Tool Related Queries Chart Screenshot For Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blog
Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blogs Google Trends Related Queries Chart Photo

The Related queries category provides a list of questions people search for related to your topic. Use any or all of these suggestions to write engaging articles that answer your customer’s most pressing questions. 

That wraps it up for Part 2. Finding atypical content ideas will always remain a challenge for small, medium, and large businesses. The key to hunting down the best content is to go where few marketers have gone before. Polling or surveying your customers is helpful, but it is not always enough to build an exceptional blog. So if you are still wondering how to collect content for your blog, tune in for Part 3, where I show you three more alternative places to search for ideas.

What other sources for content creation have you tried? Feel free to share in the comment section.

Meet The Author

Headshot Author Picture For Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blog

Marisa D. Aceves

Hello, my name is Marisa D. Aceves. I’m a forever curious B2B/B2C freelance writer, artist, and marketer. When not slaving away in the studio, I enjoy sharing articles on marketing strategies and tools and technologies. Follow my blog and receive my latest tips on art marketing, digital marketing, and business software reviews.

How To Collect Content For Blog Picture By Diego PH For Aceves Art 2 Wordpress Abstract Reception Art Blog

9 Best Ways To Find Content Ideas For Your Blog Part 1

Header image credit: Photo by Diego PH on Unsplash

How To Find Content Ideas For Blog Photo by Scott Graham For Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blog's Article On How To Find Content Ideas
Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash

Article by Marisa D. Aceves

Innovative places to look for content ideas and an extra boost in headline inspiration will help you create dream blog posts your audience will love.

How To Find Content Ideas For Your Blog Part 1

Has anyone ever told you: 

All you have to do is create relevant SEO-optimized content for your blog, and customers will flock to your site and buy your products?

Unfortunately, this cringe-worthy advice isn’t enough to help your business succeed.

You need original, valuable content that speaks to your customers and helps them address their pain points.

How do you go about finding it when so much mediocre, useless fluff is on the web?

You could take the easy way out and create the same old tired content everyone else is churning out at lightning speed every month.

But why?

However, if you want to stand out and increase your leads and customers, you need to perform deep market research.

Have you ever wondered how to collect content for your blog? There are several underused digital tools to help you produce your best content.

Are you ready to discover how to find content ideas for your blog and write the content your customers deserve?

Then follow me down the rabbit hole of content creation.

I promise.

It will be a fun ride.

Ubersuggest Content Ideas Tool 

This handy keyword optimization tool gives you the unique ability to spy on competitors. It combines content creation, social media strategy, and SEO into one powerful application to help you grow your business. 

Ubersuggest Keyword Overview Screenshot For Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blog
Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blog Ubersuggest Keyword Overview Screenshot For Article On How To Get Content Ideas

Located under the Keywords Overview section are several categories to help you create valuable content that connects with your customers.

Keyword Ideas Photo For Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blog
Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blog’s Ubersuggest Keyword Ideas Photo

The Keyword Ideas category contains a detailed chart with a list of keywords directly related to your keyword. In addition, the chart provides vital information on search volume, cost-per-click, paid difficulty, and SEO difficulty for each keyword suggestion. 

Keywords By Traffic Category Photo For Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blog
Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blog’s Picture Of Ubersuggest Keywords By Traffic Category

The Keywords by Traffic Category enables you to find the exact keywords to include in your blog posts and social media that drive traffic to the sites of your industry competition. 

Ubersuggest Competing Domains Category Screenshot For Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blog
Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blog’s Photo Of Competing Domains Category

The Competing Domains Category shows you how to uncover keywords your competition uses your posts might be missing. Now you can find out how your performance compares to other companies within your industry.

Ubersuggest Content Ideas Section Picture For Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blog
Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blog’s Content Ideas Section Photo

Finally, The Content Ideas Category allows you to see blog post ideas from across the web that your audience engages with the most on Pinterest and Facebook. It also shows you the number of blog content visits for each article and backlinks.


You may not know this, but this popular question and answer website is a content goldmine. Understanding how to use it will help you write relevant articles your audience craves and bring loads of traffic to your business website. So head on over to Quora and find out for yourself. 

Quora Post Home Page Screenshot For Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blog
Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blog’s Quora Post Home Page Photo

After signing in with Google, Facebook, or your Quora password, you will arrive at the home page. Quora helps you find popular topics in your niche in two ways:

  1. By searching for top posts on the topic
  2. By asking a question about your industry

Scroll to the top of the page and enter your topic into the Search bar.

Quora Search Bar Picture For Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blog
Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blog’s Quora Search Bar Photo

For this example, I will use Customer Relationship Management. When you type your topic in the search bar, you will notice a drop-down window with different subtopics directly related to it.

Select the one at the top choice which says: Topic: Customer Relationship Management.

Quora Customer Relationship Management Posts Picture For Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blog
Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blog’s Quora Customer Relationship Management Posts Photo

Here you will find a list of posts dealing with varying aspects of Customer Relationship Management. In addition, they are a list of separate questions people have asked, giving you extra insight into the minds of your audience members.

Pay special attention to the ones that have the most upvotes. These will help you generate articles that put your customers at ease and answer questions you might not have considered. Reading the comment section at the bottom will also give you winning article ideas that create additional interest and increase blog engagement.

Besides, you can drive traffic to your latest website articles by answering questions other Quora members might have about a specific topic. Periodically, you can add a link to one of your articles. However, you have to be careful. You do not want to appear spammy or overly promotional. Always keep your future and current audience members in mind. Remember, your main goal is to help people on Quora get the answers they need. When you provide readers with value, they will find reasons to revisit your Quora page and website.

Answer The Public 

Answer The Public is unique research software that provides crucial information on how your audience genuinely searches for your industry topics. It functions as a keyword tool and a search listening tool simultaneously.

Answer The Public Search Results Picture For Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blog
Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blog’s Answer The Public Search Results Photo

Enter your keyword in the search box and select your country of choice. Topic Keyword searches divide into five categories: Questions, Prepositions, Comparisons, Alphabeticals, and Related keywords.

Answer The Public Wheel Chart Photo For Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blog
Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blog’s Answer The Public Wheel Chart Picture

Also, you will notice several wheel-shaped charts that provide popular search keyword phrases your audience genuinely uses as you scroll down the page. Moreover, these keyword phrases will give you original, untapped ways to approach industry article ideas.

Answer The Public Visualization and Data Charts Picture For Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blog
Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blog’s Answer The Public Visualization and Data Charts Photo

There are two ways to view your keyword information: the easy-to-read wheel charts visualization or the convenient data table. When you click on any of the keywords listed in the chart, It will take you straight to a google search for that keyword phrase. Now you can search all of the highest-ranking articles to see exactly what makes those articles popular. What is more, you can check out the People Always Ask section in the middle of the search page to discover high-ranking alternative titles for your articles.

As you can see, there are many overlooked sources for finding engaging content ideas. Stay tuned for Part 2 of this article, where I show you three more essential sources for crafting great content.

Meet The Author

Headshot Author Picture For Aceves Art 2 WordPress Abstract Reception Art Blog

Marisa D. Aceves

Hello, my name is Marisa D. Aceves. I’m a forever curious B2B/B2C freelance writer, artist, and marketer. When not slaving away in the studio, I enjoy sharing articles on marketing strategies and tools and technologies. Follow my blog and receive my latest tips on art marketing, digital marketing, and business software reviews.

Influencer Marketing Photo Girl By Gerd Altmann For Abstract Reception Art Blog

How To Create Your Best Influencer Marketing Strategy

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 
Influencer Marketing Business Woman Ilustration For Abstract Reception Art Blog
Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay 

There are many benefits to influencer marketing. It can help you increase your customer reach, improve your brand awareness, and eventually result in more sales and leads. But before you start your first campaign, learn about the basics of influencer marketing strategy. The more you know, the better chance you have at success.

Admit it.
Your brand needs some serious attention, but the methods you’ve been using to reach your customers are not enough to help you rise above the competition. It’s time to add a personal touch to your stale editorial delivery. If you want to succeed in this crazy, fast-paced world, you need a fresh face and approach to your marketing. So how do you raise brand awareness, create a close connection with your audience and increase ROI? Why influencer marketing, of course. Before we launch into how you can use influencer marketing to increase customers, leads, and sales, let’s talk about what influencer marketing is and isn’t.

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer Marketing Girl With Group and Megaphone Illustration For Abstract Reception Art Blog
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

Remember the time when you’re kid couldn’t stop talking about this incredible hairstylist, fitness guru, gamer, etc. Anything these experts or bloggers liked and used your kid needed as well. You were sick of constantly hearing about the same people but grateful because you didn’t have to guess what gifts to give for their birthday or the holidays. You may not have known it at the time, but your kid and your pocketbook were targets of a sophisticated influencer marketing campaign. Did you buy the items they wanted to get some peace? Then it worked! These are perfect examples of influencer marketing endorsements used to promote a companies’ products or services. Influencer marketing isn’t new; it’s been around since ancient Rome. Back then, gladiators would express their approval of certain products to be sold to the masses. Today, social media platforms, blogs, and podcasts provide fertile ground for influencers to thrive and connect with their audience. In influencer marketing, companies use well-liked bloggers, social media butterflies, or celebrities to promote their products or services, often in exchange for money, gifts, or free subscriptions. Initially, influencers used to share products and services they loved with their audience without payment or provocation. But now that marketers realize the potential of their support, influencers can earn a decent living doing what they love.

What influencer marketing isn’t

Influencer Mobile Photo For Abstract Reception Art Blog
Image by Markus Winkler from Pixabay 

I know this gets tricky, but even if your eyes are on an influencer you believe could boost your brand awareness into the stratosphere, there are still some key points to consider:

It’s not a magic formula for viral content

Unless you’ve secretly discovered the unicorn of content creation, basing your marketing strategy on going viral isn’t a sound way to grow your business. Since the phenomenon of going viral is unpredictable, it’s a recipe for madness. Even if you’re working with the golden goose of influencers, it’s still not a substitute for valuable, relatable content. If you don’t put the time and effort into researching your audience’s pain points, needs, and motivations, you won’t achieve your desired results.

-It’s not a sales magnate

While influencer marketing may encourage more click-throughs to view your product or service, that doesn’t mean your audience will buy from you. The content your chosen influencer promotes may inspire your audience with a heartfelt story or lead them to consider your product or service as a viable option. Unfortunately, it doesn’t necessarily drive them to make an immediate decision.

It’s not a cheap, quick way to boost brand awareness

Influencer marketing takes time. Though it may be more cost-effective than other types of marketing, it’s not always inexpensive. If the influencer is a celebrity or social media star with tons of followers, you can count on shelling out a decent amount of cash. 

It’s not an event filler

Despite influencer marketings’ ability to bring more people to your website, high event attendance isn’t a certainty. Unless there’s a big enough incentive, for example, an in-demand product or cause that touches hearts, it’s probably not going to happen.

It’s not a reputation redeemer 

If your business has burned up the pages of Trust Pilot with negative reviews from angry, unsatisfied customers, a well-planned influencer marketing campaign won’t make them love you. Before you put your next innovative marketing strategy into action, you have to fix the issues that cause the most customer complaints.   

Creating An Influencer Marketing Strategy 

Still excited about adding influencer marketing to your overall marketing plan? Well, here’s how to do it! According to Kim Kosaka, Director of Marketing at Alexa, there are several steps you need to take to make your next influencer marketing campaign a success.

Set your goals

Influencer Marketing Goals Illustration By Megan Rexazin For Abstract Reception Art Blog
Image by Megan Rexazin from Pixabay 

Building a great marketing plan requires that your company layout the goals you wish to achieve for each campaign. Not only does this help you form a dependable strategy throughout the campaign, but it also shows you which analytics software and metrics you’ll need to measure your results. Are you having trouble nailing down goals for your campaign? Don’t worry. Kosaka has some thoughtful suggestions about what you need to consider. Marketing goals such as increasing brand awareness, reaching new audiences, improving sales, and generating more leads are all necessary to help your business thrive.

In addition, Kosaka suggests you identify the type of influencer campaign you’ll create. Knowing this vital information, she says, will give your marketing purpose and direction. When you’re ready to approach an influencer, she identifies three distinct ways to utilize their super social media abilities: you can inspire them, hire them, or employ a mixture of the first two tactics. The exciting thing is, you don’t have to stick to the same approach for every campaign. There are several different types of influencer marketing strategies you can use. Giving free products for a review, providing discount codes, contests, and creating content for their blog is a fraction of the unique and fun ways you can encourage an influencers’ endorsement. Be flexible in your marketing efforts. Suggestions are suggestions; they’re not a paved way to marketing success. Kosaka says instead to combine types to form an influencer marketing strategy that’s right for you and your business.

Know your audience

Influencer Marketing Audience Photo For Abstract Reception Art Blog
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay 

Before you ever decide to hire an influencer, you have to identify your audience. Making a list of qualities that your repeat customers have in common such as pain points, employment, and hobbies, will allow you to produce a more accurate picture of which influencers would most appeal to them. For this task, Kosaka maintains that marketing segmentation is crucial to a thorough understanding of your customers’ distinct needs and values. 

Choose your influencers

Influencer People Selection Illustration For Abstract Reception Art Blog
Image by Alexandra_Koch from Pixabay 

Now that you know your audience, you’re ready to find the perfect influencer for your specific market. There are many places to look for influencers. Industry experts, loyal customers, and enthusiastic bloggers are but a few examples of viable influencer sources. After choosing the type of influencer; you’d like to work with, examine individuals or brands with experience in that area. It’s crucial to select influencers who also share your audience. You can do this by utilizing Alexas’ all-in-one software or performing a Google search for websites directly related to your industry. These sites provide an excellent opportunity for guest blogging and adding content you know the audience you’re trying to reach will enjoy. Another way you can discover influencers is by checking your competitors’ backlinks. You can achieve this by using competitive keyword analysis software such as Alexa or Ubbersuggest. These tools allow you to see the backlinks of your competitors. That way, you’ll know who is most likely to work with your brand. When you follow the backlinks, you’ll discover guest posting opportunities, types of popular, published content, and more. To find social media influencers on Twitter and Instagram, check appropriate hashtags. 

Review influencers

Review Marketing Influencers Illustration For Abstract Reception Art Blog
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

While you may feel the sudden thrill of discovering influencers to represent your brand, you have to make sure their values and interests align with your business. Work with an influencer whose audience is closest to your ideal customer. Don’t be fooled by large influencer audiences. If an influencers’ audience doesn’t represent your target audience, they’re not a good fit. An influencer with a smaller audience that uses products and services similar to yours is your best option. Visit an influencer’s website to access trends in engagement. Which content are their subscribers responding to the most? You can also use tools like AlexaUbbersuggest, and BuzzSumo to view detailed analytics reports on their audiences’ hobbies, interests, and behavior. If you’re working with a smaller budget, visit the influencers’ Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter pages. You should pay close attention to who’s following them and who engages the most with their content. After this, create a list of their biggest fans and go to their pages. You’ll want to record each fan’s interests, hobbies, and values. Uncovering the potential reach of an influencers’ audience is essential to choosing an influencer that can help you expand your business. Each potential influencer candidate should have a large enough audience to give your business the exposure it needs. For instance, when researching their social media accounts, notice the number of followers they have. Another key metric to note is the number of likes and engagements they get per post. Also, make sure that the influencers’ content is similar or compliments your brand’s mission, core values, and excellence.

Create unforgettable content

Influencer Content Photo For Abstract Reception Art Blog
Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay 

Yes, content is still one of the most vital aspects of your business. Without it, you won’t reach your target audience or grow your brand. This knowledge also applies to your marketing strategy. When you’re working with an influencer, offer a wonderfully creative or innovative approach to your content contributions, especially if you’re creating content for an influencers’ website or guest posting. It’s always crucial to create content that benefits you and your influencer. Then it’s a win-win situation. When you develop strategically targeted content, use focus on popular keywords commonly used by the influencer and your industry. Always provide content that your influencer hasn’t added. This way, the content is new, fresh, and adds to their authority while filling in the gaps. Being aware of an influencers’ website needs will make it easier for you to produce mutually beneficial guest posts.

Organize your method of communication

Email Influencer Communication Illustration For Absract Reception Art Blog
Image by talha khalil from Pixabay 

Keeping track of influencer email contacts will aid your guest posting efforts immensely. Mail Chimp, Capterra, and Emailigistics are a few examples of email management tools to make this time-consuming job bearable. Using them ensures that you’ll never send repeat messages to the same influencer or send emails to the wrong influencer on your list. They allow you to look professional, competent, and on top of your game. When maintaining a system for tracking your email communications, Kosaka says to consider these helpful points:

  • Who’s responsible for touching base with influencers? Is it one person, or are there many?
  • What time, day, week, or month did they communicate?
  • Who exactly did they contact? Was it the influencer or an employee?
  • Record notable aspects of the communication? What stood out to you? Did you notice any patterns?
  • Organization of follow-up emails
  • Determine whether the influencer is interested in working with your company, in the process of making a decision, or is still in the awareness stage of getting to know your brand.

Research and Review your results

Influencer Results Marketing Analysis Photo For Abstract Reception Art Blog
Image by Pexels from Pixabay 

Seeing your influencer marketing campaign come to fruition can make you feel victorious, but a popular influencers’ approval doesn’t necessarily spell success. 

 Achieving your influencer marketing goals, Kosaka says, is the determining factor. That’s why it’s necessary to assess and calculate your success. Use metrics to track the results based on the goals you set at the beginning of your campaign. Examples of these might be how many social likes, mentions, or shares your content received, the number of customers who remained or renewed subscriptions, and the number of sales and revenue generated. 

Compare your recent and past influencer marketing efforts to determine which marketing tactics succeeded and which ones failed. The insight you’ve gained from these experiences will help you to create better campaigns in the future. Throw out what doesn’t work and keep the methods that brought you the most profit and exposure. 


Although influencer marketing can increase brand exposure, awareness, and ROI, it’s not for everyone. For it to work, you have to be far enough along in your business that you can either afford to hire an influencer or provide them with a service or experience they can’t get somewhere else. If not, there are plenty of other ways to generate exposure while your business is growing and improving. If you’re ready to work with an influencer, utilize these helpful tips and plan your first influencer campaign today!

Meet The Author

Marisa D. Aceves

Hello, my name is Marisa D. Aceves. I’m a forever curious B2B freelance writer, artist, and marketer. When not slaving away in the studio, I enjoy sharing marketing strategies, SEO tips, and tools and technologies. Follow my blog and receive my latest tips on art marketing, digital marketing, and business software reviews.

Pete Linforth Instagram Photo For Abstract Reception Art Blogt

Top Instagram Marketing Trends for 2021-22

Top Instagram Trends Photo For Abstract Reception Art Blog.
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

article by Marisa D. Aceves

While you may be hesitant to adopt Instagram marketing, it has incredible potential to transform your business. Connecting with your customers is more important than ever before. Applying these new marketing trends will help you produce the right content to increase retention, reach new audiences, educate, and delight.

Lookout Instagram Tiktok’s here to take your crown. Tiktok has surpassed Instagram and Facebook in global iOS and Android downloads. Hold on, don’t say goodbye just yet. With 81% engagement, Instagram is still the second-most popular social media platform. Innovative influencer marketing, over 2 million monthly advertisers, and plenty of new features still make it a great place to connect, build brand awareness and increase leads and sales.

What does this mean for you? Let’s check out the latest Instagram marketing trends to help your business shine.

1. Influencer Collaborations

Instagram Collaborations Photo For Abstract Reception Art Blog
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

Research statistics predict at least 67.9 percent of companies with more than 100 employees will use influencers to help sell their products and services. Many established businesses experience a phenomenal boost in sales like Lynda and Audible. Suggesting influencer collaborations should be your top go-to marketing strategy. 

So how can you use Instagram influencers to achieve similar results?

Before you create your first influencer campaign:

  • Know the audience you are trying to reach. 
  • Understand the purpose of your business. Who do you serve? 
  • Are sales your top goal, or are you trying to raise brand awareness?
  • What kind of product are you planning to launch?
  • Which influencers are a good fit for your business? 
  • Do you have a large advertising budget or a limited one?
  • Make sure you use real influencers. Keep in mind not all influencers are reputable. Before you decide to create your first campaign, you need to make sure your latest influencer is genuine. Use saas companies like Smartfluence to help you find the best influencers for your business. It uses AI-powered analytics to analyze the audience data on each influencer. In addition, you will uncover valuable information on their audience credibility and reach.

When creating your next influencer campaign, make sure you use your goals to help you make all your decisions.

Video Content

Instagram Video Content Photo for Abstract Reception Art Blog
Image by Joseph Mucira from Pixabay 

Do you want to increase your Instagram engagement, then create more videos? Video is still the most popular form of content for the majority of marketers. Even if your brand receives the type of engagement others wish they had, including video as part of your marketing strategy will help you increase it. 86% of customers claim that video content greatly influences their purchasing decisions.

 Using the Story feature can help you optimize your engagement through polls and so much more. According to a recent Social Insider study, brands posting up to five stories a day provide a retention rate of 70%. Creating short, entertaining video bursts to build brand awareness and share company values is another way to gain engagement. The Reels feature, an answer to Tiktok, allows anyone to become a creator on Instagram. You can instantly share your reel with your audience of followers by posting it to your company feed.

Targeting Local Audiences

Targeting Local Instagram Audiences Photo For Abstract Reception Art Blog
Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay 

Another way to reach new customers is through selective targeting.
A recent Statistica report reveals that investment for location-based marketing will increase from $12.4 billion to $31.5 billion in 2022, making it a valuable addition to your marketing arsenal. You can target a local audience by selecting influencers from a specific geographic location. Often, this is a location that covers an upcoming event or area of your store. For instance, your company may pay a Dallas, Texas influencer to create an Instagram Story or Post marketing products for sale at your stores in Dallas, Texas. Micro-influencers are perfect for this type of marketing. They have social media influence in a narrow niche. In exchange for money or products, they can market your goods and services to their audience, which is a great way to expand your reach and sales. Geo-tagging makes this concept even easier. On Facebook and Instagram, you can effortlessly geo-tag your content targeting audiences in specific locations.

Podcasting Serge

Podcasting Microphone Photo For Abstract Reception Art Blog
Image by Daniel Friesenecker from Pixabay 

Due to its educational value and popularity among Youtube influencers, podcasting is on the rise. People love podcasts because you can listen to them while working. Constant exposure to blue light has affected viewership, so eyes-off podcasts are the perfect solution. Are you still unsure about whether to add podcasts to your marketing strategy? Then check out these encouraging statistics. In 2021 15 billion hours were spent listening to podcasts. A recent podcast study by Forbes shows that 54% of people were more willing to purchase when hearing an ad. Predictions for the year 2024 estimate there will be up to 100 million U. S. podcast listeners. Now you know why most marketers view podcasting as a vehicle for current and future marketing campaigns. Have you decided podcasting is for you? If so, then consider these tips for podcast promotion through Instagram.

  • Add your episode link to your Instagram Bio.
  • Since Instagram uses hashtags to help people find information on specific topics, make a podcast hashtag.
  • Use targeted posts to announce your upcoming podcast.

Creating Relatable Content

Instagram Relatable Content Photo For Abstract Reception Art Blog
Image by 5540867 from Pixabay 

Gone are the days when Millenial Instagram users would slave away trying to create the perfect Instagram feeds. Viewers crave authentic, filter-free connections. If you want to endear yourself to your audience, share when appropriate your good times and bad. 

When you create guidelines or goals for your audience, make sure that they are achievable. Showing your humanity creates feelings of safety, trust, and camaraderie among your audience.

Flash Content

Flash Content Screenshot For Abstract Reception Art Blog
Instagram Stories Flash Content Screenshot

With constant exposure to current technology, audiences have less time or patience for long-drawn-out videos. Tiktok increased in popularity because it offered a wide variety of entertaining and educational content in a series of short video bursts. On Instagram, Stories and Reels are a perfect way to make short videos building your brand awareness or announcing upcoming sales and offers.

These features are perfect for targeted influencer marketing and have generated a generous amount of exposure in likes and views.

Instagram Stories and Reels

The Stories and Reels features have been increasing in popularity since their initial inceptions.Instagram Stories allows you to share short videos and images with your followers. You can add stickers, filters, and timestamps to your story to create desired effects. A recent report by Sproutsocial says 33% of brands are responsible for the most viewed stories. At least 36% of businesses use Instagram Stories for product promotion. 93% of marketers in the U.S. plan to use it more frequently in their marketing efforts. If your want to reach the Millenial and Gen Z crowd, 25% find products and services through Stories.

Article Instagram Reels Screenshot For Abstract Reception Art Blog
Instagram Reels screenshot

The Reels feature is the Instagram answer to Tiktok. Like its competitor, it allows you to share short, 15-second videos with your audience. Add sounds and effects if you like. You can also share the videos with a larger Instagram community through the Explore page. The difference between Reels and Stories is that Reels offers more editing tools. Reels also give you the ability to combine multiple videos with smooth transitions using the align mode. All Reels are video content, not pictures. Curious about the impact of using Reels for your marketing efforts, then read on. 

  • The NBA used Reels to achieve 22% higher engagement than their standard, informative posts or Stories.
  • Louis Vuitton reports all of its Reels to go Viral.
  • Red Bull France regularly receives 2.4M views.

If you want to improve your viewer engagement and brand awareness, create Reels including content your audience already values. 

Shops and Shopping Features

The Covid-19 pandemic affected many businesses, plunging their lucrative sales into oblivion. To address this problem, Instagram debuted Insta Shops. With this feature, your potential and existing customers can directly purchase products and services from your profile. Additionally, Instagram added many other tools compatible with Insta Shops like Shoppable Posts, Collections, and Live Shopping to create the seamless shopping experience you get on e-commerce sites. 

You can drive traffic directly to your website via the Product Detail Pages included in your shop or utilize Checkout customers can make an in-app purchase. The possibilities for creative and lucrative marketing are endless. Include this new feature in your Instagram marketing plan and increase your chances of making a sale. 

Mult-channel Marketing campaigns

Social Media Marketing Campaign Photo
Multi-channel Marketing Campaign Photo

While this is an article focusing on Instagram, adopting other compatible platforms will increase your ROI. Businesses that use this marketing strategy gain 91% customer retention. The brands that use multi-channel marketing, at least 50%, claim that it helps them achieve their financial goals. If your engagement on the social media platforms you use is strong, you can gain up to 6% more profit. Multi-channel marketing includes multi-devices as well. People are constantly switching devices throughout the day. Therefore they respond best to reliability. A recent study found that approximately 60% of millennial buyers expect brand consistency shopping on mobile, laptop, or tablet. While multi-channel marketing can seem like a complicated process, once you correctly set up your channels, you can begin to reap the benefits of an efficient, automated sales funnel. If you decide to use this as part of your marketing strategy, make sure you focus only on the platforms where your audience engagement is high enough to make your efforts worthwhile. 


Authenticity Portrait Photo For Abstract Reception Art Blog
Image by Michelle Raponi from Pixabay 

Fishing for vanity metrics to grow your Instagram following will never do. When you create your brand, express who you are and what is important to you. That is what authenticity is all about. Instagram followers crave authenticity, honesty, and integrity. Effectively delivering your unique brand message is one of the keys to helping you create a profitable and sustainable business. You can create relevant experiences with the online community you build. Real, genuine human connections make carefully curating content that moves your audience to action an enjoyable experience. So have fun with your brand and reap the rewards. Your followers need to relate to your struggle and feel connected before they buy. If you want to make those valuable connections, you have to put in the work. Sara Nicole Landry, a successful blogger who grew her audience from 70k to 1.7 million, suggests you dedicate at least 4 hours every day to community engagement. Commenting, replying to direct messages, responding to viewer posts, and engaging on other pages are all ways you can create stronger connections. Supporting others, she says, builds trust. People start to believe in you and your message. Sharing tips and tricks, style choices, or a new pet adoption can make it easier for your audience to relate to you. When your followers get value and meaning from your posts, they are more likely to share them with their followers. So put an extra effort into creating sharable content.


Instagram Microbranding Photo For Abstract Reception Art Blog
Image by Megan Rexazin from Pixabay

What is a microbrand? Microbrands are small businesses that operate only in a specific location or niche. While more established brands like Nordstrom and Target market to a broader audience, microbrands use direct-to-consumer marketing. They use social media ads and advertising on podcasts to build their audience. Experts in creating strategic, hyper-focused content and campaigns, microbrands excel at creating a dedicated, engaged following. Instead of selling to the masses with an overall generic voice, they use personalized marketing to speak directly to their audience. While their audience may be significantly smaller than established brands, they resonate with them by appealing to their concerns, hobbies, interests, and values. With this information in mind, you should focus your efforts on a local market instead of a large international one.


Instagram Nano Influencers Photo For Abstract Reception Art Blog
Image by expresswriters from Pixabay 

Nano influencers are influencers that focus on a niche market but only have around 5,000 followers. When you create your next marketing campaign, consider using their social media expertise. Their mini-communities are smaller yet more engaged than your average influencer or celebrity. Surprisingly, nano-influencers connected with at least 8.7 percent of their followers.

The Unpolished/Unfiltered Video

iPhone Video Photo for Abstract Reception Art Blog
Image by Pexels from Pixabay 

According to a study conducted by the Guardian, simple stories minus complicated filters and fancy editing get the most responses. The intense amount of time it takes to produce professional video content is a waste of time and effort. While Instagram Stories bring in more followers than standard picture posts, the staged look is out. Gen Z audiences have traded manufactured experiences with everyday relatable occurrences, often making unedited films straight from their phones. Now you can relax and stop over curating your page.

Value-Driven Content 

Audience Value Driven Content Photo For Abstract Reception Art Blog
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay 

When it comes to planning your Instagram strategy, content reigns supreme. You need to create engaging content to help your business succeed. While there are plenty of new content marketing tools to help you do this, the last thing you need to worry about is overproduction. Audiences today respond more to unfiltered content instead of the slick, edited videos that were popular two years ago. Even though production is not as much of an issue, creating; eye-catching, meaningful content which tells a story should be a top goal. Instagram viewers have a keen sense of what content is authentic and what influencers stage. Your brand has to make sure you create with honesty and integrity. Fitness entrepreneur Haley Madigan includes quality, visually appealing posed and natural photos of herself in posts. She wants her audience to see her Instagram feed is more than the typical impossible-to-achieve fitness results. Which helps her better connect with her audience.

Marketing Using Memes

Ruffles Instagram Meme Screenshot For Abstract Reception Art Blog
Ruffles Instagram Marketing Meme Screenshot

If you spend any length of time on the internet or social media, you probably know what a meme is. Memes are an easy form of cultural expression present long before The Selfish Gene author, Richard Dawkins, coined the term in the 1970s. The first known meme showed up in a Pompeii ruin in 70 AD. Today, we use memes to give advice, tell a story, for entertainment, etc. Many types of businesses use memes effectively in their marketing. Brands like Bark Box, Apple, and Ruffles choose to target their customers with memes that appeal to their sense of humor. For instance, when Apple began selling AirPods, it used this widely shared meme created from a picture of a 17th-century painting of the queen knighting a subject.

Article Apple AirPods Meme Screenshot For Abstract Reception Art Blog
Apple AirPods Meme Screenshot

The popular tweet illustrates the new Airpod user introduction into the 21st century. As the demand for Airpods began to soar, they started to sell out in most stores. While not all marketing campaigns will experience this level of success, a strategically used meme can increase your target audience and sales. While memes are inexpensive, relatable, and encourage community engagement, you have to make sure the ones you use fit your brand voice. Sure, memes can be hilarious and timely, but marketers have to be careful. Using the wrong memes can offend or alienate your audience. A pro tip for using memes is to research your target audience. Get to know what is important to your community. What issues keep them up at night? When posting your meme, leave out a call to action(buy, like, or subscribe). 

Non-for-profit Marketing

Non-for-profit photo by RODNAE For Abstract Reception Art Blogs Marketing Article
Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

With the demand for authenticity, fundraising has increased in popularity. A response to the financial devastation of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Instagram Social Fundraising feature allows users to create fundraisers for their favorite causes. When it came out in July 2020, Instagram and Facebook users raised an impressive $100 million in pandemic aid. Recent discussions about racial injustice fuel users to utilize social fundraising for activism as well. Including fundraising in your marketing efforts allows you to use your business to do good. You can share with your audience what issues are close to your heart. These days, Instagram users look for brands with a social conscience. So show your audience and the world you have a human side. Give back. 


Article Microblogging Photo For Abstract Reception Art Blog
Image by Arivle One from Pixabay

More and More influencers and brands are growing comfortable with sharing stories with their audience. Enter the trend of using Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to create longer content. Stories help your audience to better engage with your content. By reading and commenting on your relatable microblogs, they feel more connected to your business. The new Instagram Guides feature makes it easy and fun to share long-form content with your audience. With Instagram Guides, you can create scrollable content in the form of slides. If you like sharing tips, tricks, and advice, then this feature is for you. While Instagram made this feature specifically for health and wellness supporters and professionals at the start of the pandemic, now, all users will have access to this invaluable feature. The flexible format allows you to provide guidance, create visual stories, and whatever moves you. For marketers, this also means you can share mini-blog posts with content at all stages of the buying process. 

In Conclusion

Keeping up with the latest Instagram marketing trends can seem like an intimidating process. You may not have time to use them all at once. However, employing a few of these tactics in your social media marketing strategy will increase your chances of connecting with your audience and generating new leads and sales. By breaking each marketing suggestion down into bite-sized, doable chunks, you can avoid indecision and begin to take action. So say yes to the new. 2022 could be your best year yet! Take charge of your future and dare to change the face of your business.

Meet The Author

Marisa D. Aceves

Hello, my name is Marisa D. Aceves. I’m a forever curious B2B freelance writer, artist, and marketer. When not slaving away in the studio, I enjoy sharing marketing strategies, SEO tips, and tools and technologies. Follow my blog and receive my latest tips on art marketing, digital marketing, and business software reviews.

Top 5 CRM Tools To Help You Win Satisfied Customers

CRM Tools Photo for Abstract Art Blog
Image by Dirk Wouters from Pixabay

Selecting the right CRM tool for your business can be an intimidating process. Let’s help you choose the right one so you can start to grow your leads, customers, and sales.

article by Marisa D. Aceves

Pleasing your customers is no simple task.

It’s a complicated affair given all of the factors you’ve got to consider.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could combine all your marketing efforts and manage your customer service information all in one place?

Luckily for you, there’s a handy solution; it’s called a CRM tool.

This thorough, easy-to-read article will help you understand:

  • What a CRM is and what it does;
  • Why you need CRM software;
  • How using a CRM tool speeds up and expands your business growth;
  • What are the top CRM tools to use in 2021;
  • What are the pros and cons of using each CRM tool;
  • Which type of business each CRM tool best serves;
  • And the cost of each software package

By the time we finish, you’ll have everything you need to choose and use the perfect CRM software to increase overall productivity and make your business soar.

Are you ready to get started?

I’ve decided to organize the content by sections, so reading it’s a breeze.

Let’s begin with some simple definitions:

What does CRM mean?

The term CRM stands for customer relationship management.

What is a CRM tool?

 CRM or customer relationship management tools are software that helps your business, organization, or agency better interact with leads and customers. 

What does a CRM tool do? 

It evaluates all of the dealings and knowledge you have obtained throughout your business relationship with each customer. For example, if an existing customer decides to upgrade to a more expensive plan, you’ll be able to track all the specific interactions that led up to their recent purchase.  

With a CRM, you can efficiently integrate the process of handling your business contacts in three different ways:

  1. Managing and scheduling meetings with leads and customers
  2. Organizing and identifying the sales strategies used to obtain each customer
  3. Optimizing business operations to increase profit

Why do you need CRM software?

When you’re running a business, you often resort to multitasking.

Based on a Harvard Business Review study, multitasking can result in a 40% loss of productivity. Jonathan B. Spira, the chief analyst at Basex, estimates that each year, the American economy loses almost $650 billion to multitasking. 

Using many different types of software to help you get the job done is inefficient.

 A CRM tool cuts the time you spend on clerical tasks in half, saving your sanity and money. It allows you to keep your detailed business records together. You don’t have to hunt for critical customer data.

CRMs store crucial information on each of your customers, such as what services or products they buy, the sales representative that helps them, and which platforms like email or social media where interactions occur.

Finally, it’s an effective tool for generating leads, creating new customers, and delighting seasoned ones.

How does using a CRM expand and grow your business?

Here are some of the ways that a CRM can help increase your profit:

  • Assists you in creating a rapport with your customers
  • Lessens the workload of your employees, which increases productivity
  • Allows you to focus your attention on finding customers that are searching for your products and services.
  • Promotes better customer service and retention

What are the top CRM tools to use in 2021

Are you confused about which software you should use?

No problem.

Here’s a list of some of the best tools on the market to help you make your decision. 

1. Agile

Agile says if you use its software, you can sell like the fortune 500 companies.

It combines your marketing, sales, and customer service in one platform that protects your data.

If you’re concerned about how you’re going to keep up with your clients during the sales process, Agile allows you to message them, so your contact is always consistent.

The best tools are almost always pricey for small businesses, but Agile is affordable.

Among its best features is its cloud-based Saas service, which is mobile-friendly and easy to use.

Closing deals can be tricky, but this software offers single-page contact management. You can even measure the progress of your business deals through the sales process to make sure you and your clients are on the same page.

Are you struggling with contacting customers to resolve issues?

Its voicemail automation and call scripts help you reach your customers anytime.

With Agile marketing, your business is simple, streamlined, and efficient.

In addition to its workflow drag-and-drop designer, it has a high-converting landing page builder, email marketing and tracking features, and so much more.

Face it, the reputation of your business rests on the quality of your customer service. This super CRM helps you provide a more personalized experience and analyze customer feedback to improve your customer relationships. When customers have a frequently asked question, you can supply them with a self-service portal to quickly find an answer.

Not all CRMs allow you to link to other software, but Agile connects you to Twitter, Facebook, Google Apps, Twilio, and several other platforms.

Pros and Cons 


Here’s a handy list of the features that help Agile excel:

  • Saves time on complex tasks
  • It is free for up to 10 users
  • Flexibility
  • Offers a wide variety of combined software
  • It’s affordable for small growing business and more established businesses
  • Excellent customer service
  • Easy sales and marketing automation


While Agile is the best-known for its affordability and flexibility, here are some reasons why it might not be for you:

  • Lacks updated tutorials
  • Needs optimizing for android
  • A hassle to import contacts

Whom Agile Best serves

Agile may be a great fit for your business if it exhibits these qualities:

  • Perfect for established and starting businesses 
  • People who crave a simple, easy-to-use platform 


Join with a free or paid plan.


The companies’ pre-made templates and drag-and-drop displays make designing your business growth effortless.

Do you want to grow your business but are pressed for time?

As a business owner, your time is money.

If you don’t have an efficient system for monitoring your sales, you won’t know where they’re are coming from or how you need to make them.

The endless hours you spend takes away from the things you need to focus on the most.

Monday tracks sales team efforts and measures the progress of sales deals so you can concentrate on building your best campaigns yet.

It’s hard to get all your work done in one place.

With their flexible mobile app and offline mode, you can work anywhere from your home, office, and in-between.

If you’re concerned about software compatibility issues, Monday’s taken care of that.

To ensure your business runs smoothly, you can link the Monday tool to pre-existing tools and quickly order all new and ongoing contacts.

Pros and Cons


Monday shines in these specific ways:

  • Easy to use 
  • Great for visual people
  • Free trial
  • Simple drag and drop feature
  • It works perfectly with the project management tool, saving your team time, effort, and money
  • Intuitive design makes it easy for you to see which stage leads are in the buying process
  • Allows you to customize your reports
  • You can easily integrate it with other types of software
  • Monday’s 24-hour help and support ensures you’ll
  • Phone support is available for all packages


While Monday’s intuitive design is a plus, it needs to improve these areas:

  • There are not a lot of in-house integrations
  • Expensive for small teams
  • Difficult to track project goals
  • The activity log is restricted
  • Doesn’t have the ability to send comments to your team

Whom Monday best serves

Consider using Monday software if your business fits these criteria:

  • You’ve got a large to moderate budget
  • You want a simple, easy-to-use CRM platform
  • You and your team perform best with visual examples
  • You don’t need to use several software integrations


Nurture your start-up with a Basic Plan or expand your established agency or organization with Standard, Pro, or Enterprise Plans

3. Pipedrive

When you have a small starter company or a more established online business, you know how complicated it can be to keep track of all your sales. Enter Pipedrive to help you organize your deals with ease. 

Trying to map the trajectory of your sales takes considerable effort.

This unique software creates a simple representation of your entire process. 

Complicated software that takes forever to learn how to use and might not be appropriate for your business can be intimidating.

Pipedrive knows each start-up or enterprise operates in its unique way, so it offers a simple, streamlined, drag-and-drop template to help you customize your chart to suit your needs.

 Added stress from trying to meet your sales goals keeps you from giving your leads and customers the attention they deserve.

Pipedrive will change all of that.

Instead of focusing solely on meeting your quotas, it allows you to concentrate on the activities that matter most, those that lead up to the sale.

Everyone knows the headache of trying to keep up with all the activities you’ve planned for the day, week, and month.

When you schedule multiple activities, their software will send you notifications so that you’re always prepared to make the next move.

Do you ever wonder if you’re making the right decisions to ensure your deals are successful?

You don’t have to linger in a state of confusion.

When you move along with deals, Pipedrive measures your conversion rate so you can make the necessary adjustments to reach your goals.

No one likes to spend endless hours completing tedious office work. 

Pipedrives’ detailed, user-friendly analytics will save you time by automating your administration tasks and connecting with tools you already use.

Pros and Cons


Pipedrive excels with these features:

  • Simple, easy-to-use interface
  • Easily track communications
  • Great workflow automation
  • Conveniently provides a visual pipeline of each sales stage
  • Smart Contact Data feature makes it easy to access all of your customers’ information


Sales Pros like Pipedrive because it simplifies the sales process and makes it more efficient, but it fails to please in these areas:

  • There’s no A/B testing feature
  • Lacks the ability to track ROI and customer behavior
  • No capability to plan campaigns
  • Can’t use specific actions to trigger events
  • Could use better reporting tools
  • No tutorials or extra training

Whom Pipedrive best serves

Pipeline CRM software will be a good investment if:

  • You’re looking for software with a simple, painless setup
  • Have a small established business or a medium-sized business
  • You focus less on complex marketing campaigns and more on the individual customer


While Pipeline offers a free trial, you can take your business to the next level with their Essential, Advanced, Professional, and Enterprise Plans.

4. Keap

125,000+ users enjoy Keap’s software to achieve fast business growth. 

Besides being the easiest to use tool on the market, it has a series of valuable features that help you run your company more efficiently.

Many marketers have problems managing and organizing client interactions. 

Keaps’ software helps you do this efficiently. Now you can spend more time focusing on your customers’ needs and less on tedious clerical work. 

Coming up with effective sales funnels is a frustrating process most businesses hate to tackle.

Not with Keap’s Sales Pipeline feature.

It allows you to use a single view to keep track of and guide leads and clients effortlessly through the duration of the sales system. You can measure prospects at each phase depending on their interactions.

It’s challenging to convert new leads into paying clients. 

But with the Sales and Marketing Automation feature, you can send customized messages according to specific events or activities.

Do you have trouble setting up meetings with your clients?

Keaps’ Appointments feature makes scheduling appointments painless.

You can change your list anytime.

Many software companies try to upsell, charging you for additional features that add to the price of the software and your cost to acquire a customer.

Keap offers all-in-one capabilities for an affordable price.

New businesses struggle to figure out how to grow and expand.

Does this sound like you?

A 7-minute Lifecycle Marketing Assessment is available to provide you with a map to maximum profitability.

 It compares your business to other top performers within your niche to expose your strengths and weaknesses.

 An evaluation process takes place using the Lifecycle Marketing framework to help you recognize and act on promising possibilities for growth.

Pros and Cons


Keap surprisingly succeeds in these areas:

  • Includes analytics features for emails
  • Campaigns easy to customize
  • Dashboard feature gives you an overall view of the health of your business
  • Excellent support team
  • Plenty of tutorials and training


 Keaps’ advanced tool helps your business grow through expert marketing automation, but these areas need to be optimized:

  • There are periodic bugs in the system, such as duplicate contacts and inaccurate records
  • Affiliate programs complicated
  • Long loading times for large accounts
  • A systems check, so emails are not mistaken for spam

Whom Keap best serves

Keap may be the leading easy-to-use software on the market, but your business will benefit the most if you have these qualities:

  • Sell in bulk and need to automate the majority of your business processes
  • Have a moderate to sizable budget 
  • Employ advanced sales and e-commerce teams


Keap has three plans based on the size and need of your company: Lite, Pro, and Max.

5. Less-Annoying

One of the most affordable software platforms on the market, Less-Annoying, takes the frustration out of keeping up with leads, organizing contacts, and satisfying customers.

It’s easy to get confused with learning how to use new tools and technologies.

Put your fears to rest.

A helpful tutorial video shows you how to set up your account, use the software, and make the most of your purchase. 

Ever try to troubleshoot and ask for help only to find the software company you’re paying each month is difficult to reach or unavailable?

It’s maddening.

But with Less-Annoying, you get their email and phone support free of charge, even if you haven’t decided to make a purchase.

Pros and Cons


Besides being amazingly affordable and easy to use, Less-Annoying CRM does these things well:

  • Flexibility for organizing and prioritizing business contacts
  • Professional advice and support for troubleshooting and making the most of your software purchase
  • No unnecessary add-ons or integrations
  • It doesn’t require a contract
  • Effortless customization
  • Includes daily reminders to keep you and your team on task
  • Low price


Although Less-Annoying CRM has many enticing features that make it well, less-annoying, upgrade in these areas: 

  • More options for integration
  • Ability to remove pipelines for full customization
  • Addition of a form to keep track of payments
  • Better integration with social media

Whom Less-Annoying CRM best serves

Less-Annoying CRM is one of the most affordable software tools on the market, but to determine whether it’s right for you, check these points:

  • You’re a small or growing business that needs to save time and money
  • You value ease of use over a vast array of plug-ins and integrations
  • The majority of your customers’ make purchases on other platforms besides social media
  • You’re not as tech-savvy, and you want a painless way to conduct and organize your business with ease


The free trial lasts for 30 days!

And, at a mere 15.00 a month, most small businesses can take advantage of its time-saving services.

Pick Your CRM Tool

As a business owner, it’s up to you to figure out what your customers need and how to best serve them.

When it comes to your business, one size doesn’t fit all. Not everyone needs the most expensive plan to succeed.

You and your customers are unique.

The CRM software you choose should reflect that.

Now that you’ve read this helpful review, you can choose which one is perfect for your business.

Go ahead and get started!

Your perfect CRM tool and better future business are waiting!

About The Author

Marisa D. Aceves

Hello, my name is Marisa D. Aceves. I’m a forever curious B2B freelance writer, artist, and marketer. When not slaving away in the studio, I enjoy sharing marketing strategies, SEO tips, and tools and technologies. Follow my blog and receive my latest tips on art marketing, digital marketing, and business software reviews.

The Magic Formula For Success: Does It Exist?


Marisa D. Aceves. Spectrum 3. Digital Photography

Everyone searches for that elusive ‘formula for success’.

At some point in our lives we all entertain the big ‘If ‘.

Many of us want to believe:

If we just read a certain book about marketing, we will understand the secret to selling our unique brand of art.

If we just take this SEO seminar on how to optimize our website, everyone looking to buy our work will suddenly find us on the internet.

If we just purchase this social media package for $99.99, we will become a ‘social media rockstar/artstar’.

If we just work hard to attract the attention of this one particular gallery, we will finally get that life-changeing/career-making show that we’ve always dreamed of.

If only…if…if …if

We cannot live our lives counting on the next ‘If ‘  to change what we don’t like about ourselves, or our art career.

Yes, hard work, discipline, proper planning and solid marketing will increase our chances of success, but they do not guarantee that it will occur.

Sadly, those of us looking for guarantees and magic formulas will find that there are none.

What we might ask ourselves if we happen to encounter anxiety about the relative uncertainty of our chosen profession is “Why am I creating art in the first place?” and “What do I consider success?”





How To Make Sure Procrastination Doesn’t Keep You From Your Best Work


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Deep down inside, we all know we have to “get to work” to make our creative business a reality.

While many of us could come up with a variety of well worn excuses for why we can’t or shouldn’t work, work is necessary in order to create a sellable product.

However, when we work feverishly without rest, we can over think a problem and inadvertently “destroy” what is beautiful about our art.

So how can we avoid this aggravating situation and still remain productive in our studio?

What is the difference between “stepping away” from our work and “procrastination”?

When we “step away” from our work, we are simply taking some much needed time to properly assess whether or not certain elements of our work are coming together to form a successful, complete piece.

We can ask ourselves questions like:

a) Does the work reflect what we initially set out to say?

b) What can we correct about the piece?

c) What part of our work needs to remain intact?

“Stepping Away” is definitely a time for both proper judgement and reflection. It is different than procrastination because it serves a purpose. It is a brief, meaningful rest before you return to work; it is a momentary vacation not an eternal vacation.

The evil twin sister of “stepping away” is procrastination.

Webster’s dictionary defines procrastination as “The act or habit of procrastinatingor putting off to a future timedelaydilatoriness.”  

 “Procrastination” convinces us that we need to take a longer break than we really need.

Pretty soon everything else we’d rather be doing instead immediately takes priority over the hard work we must do in order to accomplish our artistic goals.

So how do we stop “procrastination”?

Here are some tips for how to avoid procrastination while allowing yourself some “stepping away” time.

1. Admit that you have a problem with procrastination 

Admitting that you have a tendency to procrastinate is key to addressing how to stop this common “time-stealing” habit.

2. Deal with the reason/s why you procrastinate 

There are several reasons why people procrastinate.  Your reason/s for procrastinating may be different than you neighbors’, but the point is that you understand why you procrastinate so you can address these issues.

Here are some common reasons for procrastination:

a) Fear – Sometimes we fear rejection if we perceive that people won’t like our work. We may fear tasks that require technical expertise that we do not yet possess or understand so we put them off. If we never put our work on display so that the public can view it, no one know that our work exists. If we fear complicated technical tasks that we do not understand, it is better to ask for help in these areas so that we don’t miss out on the opportunity to expose our work to different audiences on different platforms.

b) Lack of Motivation or Inspiration – We may procrastinate believing that we need to ‘feel’ motivated or inspired to work on our art or creative business, but this simply is not the case. Avoidance tactics based on depression only leads to more depression because we have not made any attempts or taken any small steps to complete our goals. We are still in effect right where we started.

c) Low-Self Confidence – If we are not very confident in our abilities to perform a task or learn a new skill, we may consistently put important tasks off rather than face personal failure. Confidence is increased with familiarity. Once we become more familiar with a task, we become more confident in our abilities to complete that particular task.  When we continue to avoid the tasks we know we need to face, we never gain the skills that are necessary for success in whatever area we wish to pursue.

d)Perfectionism- We all would like to experience the joy of being considered an expert in something.  Many of us want to do the very best that we can. However when we set expectations that are too high for our skills at the time, we may find ourselves procrastinating because we believe that if we can’t do it like the experts, it’s just not worth doing.  This belief is both false and detrimental because you don’t become an expert without time and practice. We are all beginners at one point in our lives. There is no shame in admitting this.

3. Create a work schedule – Creating a work schedule helps you to organize the tasks ahead so that you do not become overwhelmed with what you have to do during the day, week, and month.  When you know what you are going to be doing at a certain time of the day, this lessens your anxiety and fear.

4. Divide large tasks into small actionable goals – Breaking large goals up into smaller goals helps you to both gain confidence and a sense of accomplishment.  As you begin to achieve each small task, you gain confidence and your depression about not getting things done begins to lift.

 5. Set up a specific time for each task – When you set a specific time for each task, you make yourself accountable for getting to work in that period of time. As you work, you will notice how you use your time, you can then address how you can improve time management issues.

While “procrastination” can seem like an insurmountable problem, with a positive attitude and a willingness to address the issue, you can overcome it.


Artist Sources: Procrastination Info 

1. Procrastination Help :: How to Stop Procrastinating

2. Procrastination Help Courses

3. Stop Procrastinating – The 21 Day Program to Break The Habit 










The Thing That Tics Me Off The Most : Internet Conmen

Abstract photo of a piece of designer soap 3


*Author’s Special Note:  Legitimate content marketers, businessmen and women who sell great products and write helpful articles should not think that I am targeting this rant towards them.  I am not.  Only I am sick and tired of all of the charlatans and conmen that give anyone even trying to run a legitimate business a bad name.  They populate the internet spreading their dangerous seeds of deception, living off the backs of desperate people.  Quite frankly, they deserve to know that consumers do not appreciate their scams or improper use of internet real-estate .


Advice should be helpful.

When you look for information about how to increase your business outreach using social media, how to increase blog traffic to your site or how to sell your art and creative product/s you just want to know one thing….

Is there anybody out there that understands your  individual frustrations, your perceived internet marketing agony!

There’s nothing like searching all over the internet for that special bit of information that you hope is going to change your world immediately.

The scenario almost always begins like this: You spot what appears to be a helpful article on the first two pages of a search.

This article speaks to you and appeals to your need to solve a marketing problem that you just can’t seem to grasp.

It has a juicy, irresistibly clickable headline you click the attached link in the hopes that this time,

you’ve found something both useable and shareable.

Ahhhhhhhh…….dream on folks. The majority of the time, what you receive in return for your click is just more of the same advice that you’ve read a hundred other places.

If it is useful information, it is either cloaked in metaphor and symbolism or it uses technical language and involves plug-ins that will take a week or more for the average person to figure out (in both cases, you need an interpreter).

So what are we to do?

Stop reading and tweeting it!

Knowing all of this, how many times have you tweeted these cryptic articles anyway just to fill somebodies “tweet something useful” advice.

“Well, I’ve got to tweet something,” you say to yourself, but really you know darn well that it won’t help your business campaign or bring people to your website. The only one benefitting from your social media sharing is the  person that originally posted the article.

These experts of persuasion successfully convince you that somehow by continuing to follow their advice, that you too (with enough hard work and dedication) can experience similar financial independence.

It sounds like yet another pyramid scheme, doesn’t it.

While you look like a social media dummy, they levitate over everyone else’s heads, whirling about some karmic poppy field..occasionally touching down to bless their dutiful subjects/followers with bits of wisdom and the occasional nudge -wink of encouragement.

Sometimes, they will pull out a chosen apprentice or two that they strategically plucked from the internet trenches as a sort of testimonial to their coaching success.

Ask yourself, if taking their advice and applying it in real time was that easy wouldn’t everyone else be in the same position????

There is another thing that people willing to take their advice might want consider : If they give out all the information about how they became successful at what they do, wouldn’t they be giving away that steady, reliable source of income by increasing their competition?

Why would they do that?

Maybe the source of their income is the people buying their packages which gives them a cut.

While there is nothing wrong with paying them for their research, you need to go in with “Your eyes wide open.”

Are they aware of some secret knowledge that the rest of us do not have access to?

Hmmm…maybe…  or perhaps they’re just excellent copywriters who know how to capture your attention and make you believe that they have something special to give you that you just can’t get any place else.

But can you?

Yes you can, it’s just not always going to be presented in as entertaining a format.

Right about now, you are probably asking yourself, where can I get truly helpful information that doesn’t just entertain me and convince me the same information I’ve been receiving is some new insight?

Good question.

Let me get back to you on that one.

I have a feeling that if I do find the answer, it will ultimately end up sounding something like this…

There are several helpful articles on the internet with great insight, but the people writing them are not always the most articulate or the most computer savvy.  Many still struggle with how to write strong copy, as this is a skill that requires a great deal of practice.  Finding them is like finding a needle in a haystack because they still haven’t figured out how to optimize their blog for search engines. Nevertheless, useful content does exist for your business, it just does’t always come in the sleekest of packages.

Remember there’s a lot of good advice out there, just don’t be so desperate to make next month’s light bill that you forget that success happens over time not overnight.












Why Art Career Disappointments Can Actually Help You Build A Better Business


Marisa D. Aceves. Crimson Well 4. Digital Photography

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Sometimes we just want to live a life of convenience.

Often we rush around in a variety of different directions trying to recover valuable bits of art business wisdom from across the web.

After stressing ourselves to the point of extreme frustration,we long for someone out there to put all the information we are seeking in one place.

When it appears that someone actually has attempted to take the mystery out of some of our greatest business struggles we jump on the opportunity to learn, but leaping without looking first can sometimes get us into a lot of trouble.

At the very least, we find ourselves in the wrong environment for our particular type of business.

In the most extreme cases, we slowly discover that in a mad effort to network, we are attached to people who’s core beliefs, morals and values do not match our own.

If the later happens, we are faced with the difficult decision of figuring out how we are going to politely separate ourselves from them without stepping on toes, bruising egos and burning bridges.

Nevertheless, only we can decide what is right for our particular business.

Yes, we may feel disappointed when certain opportunities and the people presenting those opportunities are not the “perfect fit” that we initially hoped they would be, but in the end, these experiences leave us with a clearer view of what we don’t want our business to project.

When we recognize what is not good for our business, we can then discover what is good for our business.