Ordinary Objects That Look Like Abstract Light/Space Artworks 2


Marisa D. Aceves. Zig Zag Fold. Digital Photography. 2018.

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Here is another entry from my latest series inspired by light/space artworks of the 1970s. If you’d like to learn more about this series, feel free to visit my first post on the series  https://wordpress.com/post/acevesart2.wordpress.com/5353 .

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Ordinary Objects That Look Like Abstract Light and Space artworks


Marisa D. Aceves. Spectrum 4: Mending Fences. Digital photography. 2018.

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It’s been a busy week and lack of sleep has affected my storytelling. However, I’ve retained the ability to spot another engaging object adventure. This photograph is the latest installment to my new Spectrum series. It will be available on my website in a weeks time. Spectrum’s abstract photographs of carefully lit architecture in my home is inspired by the light space works of sculptor James Turrell and Dan Flavin. Until then, enjoy the wacky yet joyful fruits of my artistic labor.


Marisa D. Aceves. A-Lumina: Ribbon Composition 1. digital photography 2015.

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Light gently rides the top of the rippled, mirrored surface.  Umbers, pinks and reds pool upon waves of gold, settling wearily into small black pockets. This ribbon moves gracefully through space, bending and twisting with sound and mind.

After taking a much needed break last weekend, I decided to introduce a new Gallery to my website. On this post, I have included one of the photographs that is featured.  I first discovered the object in this photograph while I was cleaning my room in preparation for new flooring.  It’s like Christmas in June for the hungry photographer.  When it comes to photographic subjects, there are many possibilities, but only one will serve your purpose.  Once you have selected the object you want to photograph, you have to find its best angle.  In this case, it was the crinkled side of the object that held the most interest. The uneven surface reflected the light and colors around it providing an instant source of visual inspiration.

Furniture That Looks Like Exotic Landscapes

Abstract pic of Sofa

Marisa D. Aceves. Dune 1. digital photography. 2015

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Soft light gently caresses the weathered, wrinkled surface of this inspired desert landscape.  A new day begins.  The scratching, clicking, and chirping of unseen insects fills the air with natures latest symphony.

It was another one of those long, dreadfully boring evenings.  I grabbed my old college lamp with the adjustable accordion neck and attached it to the edge of the portable shelves.  Finally, we could settle down to read. Strong, warm light hit the surface of the furniture at just the perfect angle. A rolling desert landscape emerged. I lifted my phone camera up and tilted it so that the direct light would not obscure my view. Then, I took the shot. Some photos are just given, others require the occasional hunt or chase.