Ordinary Objects That Look Like Fire and Ice

Chroma Blast-Curl copy 4 WATERMARK

Marisa D. Aceves. Chroma Blast: Curl. digital photography.

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Fire bursts forth from the center. Translucent fingers twist toward the light. The gathering of local colors has begun.

I finally settled on this photo after taking many shots of similar objects.  I’m a bit obsessive about my lighting.  In one shoot I’ll move the light source around the object trying to see which effect will best illustrate what I’m trying to say. Sometimes this whole process can get a bit frustrating, but as far as I see it, it is altogether necessary. I chose this particular object because it looked like crystalline lava or a chunk of amber when photographed.  This particular object was part of a gift set that one of my cousins gave me. I’d like to think it has too purposes now; one as a reminder that a family member is there for you and another as a completely new abstract artwork.



Marisa D. Aceves. Ice Dance: Color Oscillation 2. digital photography.

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Vibrant hues flow beneath the frozen, pebbled surface.  Each cell captures and fragments the unique color combinations it contains. A mysterious landscape is finally recovered, emerging from the depths of the unconscious mind.

This is the second picture taken from an object that I had posted earlier. It’s unusual, reflective texture was taken at a flooring store. I simply intensified the color, sharpened the overall image, and brought out its structure. Today is Independence day, so in honor of American Independence I decided to post a colorful photograph.  To all of my American readers, Happy Fourth of July!  To all of my international readers, have a wonderful, and art full weekend.