Ordinary Objects That Look Like Mysterious Landscapes

Star Forest 1 copy wtrmrk

Marisa D. Aceves. Surfacescape: Star Forest (B&W). digital photography 2016.

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Millions of stars stand on each others heads. Prickly fingers dare to grasp the pulsing light of the midday sun.  Their constant companionship wins friends, loves the first breath of spring and keeps close the color of life ensured.

What does this object remind you of?



















When Art Bites: Overcoming Your Inner Resistance to Change Part 2

When Art Bites: Overcoming Your Inner Resistance to Change Part 2

As we find ourselves in the midst of yet another holiday season, we all feel the pressure to conform to the gift giving insanity that surrounds us. We think, “If I can just give my sister, brother, significant other the perfect, expensive, trend gift of the moment, we will instantly receive the love, applause, and affection we often seek, but rarely come across on a daily basis. Quite frankly, the whole Christmas and New Years “Let’s buy the house and get ourselves into debt” type of social conditioning is not only incredibly exhausting, but the more we seem to focus on material things, the less grateful we are for the real wealth that is present in our hurried, busy lives. I’ve found that when I focused on the personal relationships that I’ve been blessed to have had during my lifetime (however brief or long) I could move past the exhausted, worried state and move towards one of peace, love, and gratitude. With that in mind, I have decided to post an abstract photograph (from my new satellite photo series) that I took with my phone of a piece of perfumed soap that my sister bought for me one Christmas. The object is not as important as the metaphor that this particular abstract landscape represents for me, the close and enduring friendship that I still continue to have with my sister. She has always been there for me through difficult times and through more productive ones, constantly encouraging me to pursue my art and reach out to others.
While reaching out to others this holiday season and letting them know that you care can sometimes seem like a scary proposition, (especially if you’re the shy introverted type) it is definitely rewarding on more levels than you can possibly imagine. I encourage you to take the leap and spread a little bit of your inner awesomeness around. You never know what seeds you will plant in a person’s life. A trendy gift lasts for a season, but a sincere smile and a warm hello can heal a heart that’s been slowly dying for years. It can ignite the spark that helps a person to realize their worth and the unique gifts that they can share with others.

Please feel free to share your stories or comments; I’d love to hear from you!