Lasers and Let-Us (Lettuce) Nature Series: Fire Lily Red and Blue Burst

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A patient flower sits amongst common lawn grass. It’s sharp petals form a star that burns it’s way into the eager gardener’s memory.  Two bright lights like hovering fairies chase it’s stem, waiting to catch the morning dew.

This is the second installment of the Lasers and Let-Us (Lettuce) Nature Series.  Of all the flowers at the nursery, this exotic, fiery lily chose to take center stage. “Tell me that I’m beautiful,” it cried.  I did by dutifully taking this picture.

NEW Abstracted Nature Florals: Old Rose- Abstract photographs of familiar flowers

Abstract Nature- Old Rose

Marisa D. Aceves. Abstracted Nature Florals: Old Rose. digital photography

Deep crimson petals slowly unfurl from the center of the small, delicate, drying flower.  Though the initial freshness of youth has gradually left this miracle valentine rose, she still retains the underlying structure that continues to draw us in and take our breath away. All it took was the proper lighting and close attention to detail that only a macro shot could provide.

My aunt Irma’s birthday was a day before Valentine’s Day and my uncle Jesse wanted to take her to a Valentine’s dinner at the military base. We attended the dinner along with my cousins Tanya and Michael, Michael’s wife Krystina, Irma’s sister Yolanda and her husband Cipriano. Before we left their home for the base, each of the women were given a single rose to pin to their blouses. When the event was over, my mother carefully removed her rose and gently placed it in a small medicine bottle filled with water. Occasionally, she would empty and refill the bottle to keep the tender rose from rotting. It lasted a week and a few days after my aunt’s birthday. By the time I had taken this picture, my mother’s rose had significantly dried, yet the majority of it’s petals remained intact.  You might say that with her extra care, it aged gracefully. I’d like to think that this photograph  represents the aging process of many of the great women we have all been fortunate enough to know throughout the years. While they may physically change as they mature, they still retain the inner beauty that makes them unforgettable.