Ordinary Objects That Look Like Gems

IMG_4962Marisa D. Aceves. Subliminal Vibration: Spectrum S 3 Z. digital photography/photo manipulation. copyright  2017.

The Subliminal Vibration Series is now available for viewing online. Please visit the Digital Art/Photo Manipulation Gallery acevesart.com .

Brilliant colors savor dull moments

Incorrigible sisters crashing a party

Red lips

Curved hips

They live and die for the attention of an unsuspecting crowd

When they speak

The room is silent

When they laugh

Knees crumble

As the neglected desperately clutch the trails of their gowns

I created the Subliminal Vibrations Series as a means to inject juicey, vivacious color into our ordinary, stressful lives and homes. Sometimes, as we live, we forget to feel, breathe, and be present each moment. We let the hopeless, trapped feeling of current events keep us from appreciating the blessings and gifts that we do have. As a consequence, we neglect to share them. Let’s not decide to stand in the metaphorical corner ruefully watching others live. Share with others that small spark that they’re missing.

Blue Square

Blue Square

As I was looking for some inspiration for my new geometric series of paintings, I remembered a digital photograph that I had taken of a section of an inexpensive, plastic container that I use for storage. This was just an ordinary container, (even forgettable), until in one unexpected moment, it shared it’s secret beauty, it’s structure and the color blue! The end result of the photograph brought back memories of geometric, color field paintings that I had read about in art history when I was in college. I have always enjoyed color, but I didn’t truly begin to understand it’s effects on people until I began to exhibit my work. Occasionally people in my family would tell me about the colors that they loved and the color combinations that they had a profound aversion to. Recently, my sister told me that blue was one of the most popular colors. For some reason, people love blue. Perhaps blue reminds them of the ocean or the sky. It has both a calming and meditative effect often associated with both relaxation and contemplation. So for all of the people that love blue, here is a nice blue post to brighten your day with color. Hopefully, I will be able to translate my love of color and structure to a series of paintings as well. As they say, I will keep you posted.