Portal 2

Marisa D. Aceves. Mysterious Portal 2. digital photography. 2015

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A large, sun-shaped disk gladly takes the center of the composition. It beams mightily against the quiet, violet backdrop. Small condensation droplets form around the mouth of the rusted door. The day begins with a sudden pulse of energy. Steam rises when the engine is set. The result is a mixture of courage and initiative.

This is another version of a picture I took of a common object many of us use on a daily basis. I decided to shoot the object from several different angles. This frontal view helps you to appreciate the symmetry of the design that the object possess. Line, shape, form and color come into play. This picture reminds me of the balance and teamwork that is so much a part of running a business or organization. The organizations main goal is represented by the bright orange and red disc shape in the center of the picture. Its violet and blue backdrop symbolize the people within the organization that quietly, but gracefully work to ensure its success.  What does this remind you of?


Alaska- Polar Well 1 WATERMARK

Marisa D. Aceves. Alaska: Polar Fishing Hole 1. digital photography. 2015.

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The dawn breaks as the sun bathes the tundra in soft golden light. A mysterious deep fishing hole enjoys the fellowship of its companions. The surrounding ice forms cubist sculpture eager men can explore. This is the place where the cycle begins. It’s hunting season.

This curious object was part of a Christmas gift my cousin Michael and his wife Krystina gave my mother some years ago. Its cube like texture reminded me of arctic scenes so I had to take a photograph. The natural lighting that was peeking through the blinds hit the top of the object at just the right angle.  Some careful cropping helped to enhance the illusion and strengthen the overall composition. What does this object remind you of?

Ordinary Objects That Look Like Fire and Ice

Chroma Blast-Curl copy 4 WATERMARK

Marisa D. Aceves. Chroma Blast: Curl. digital photography.

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Fire bursts forth from the center. Translucent fingers twist toward the light. The gathering of local colors has begun.

I finally settled on this photo after taking many shots of similar objects.  I’m a bit obsessive about my lighting.  In one shoot I’ll move the light source around the object trying to see which effect will best illustrate what I’m trying to say. Sometimes this whole process can get a bit frustrating, but as far as I see it, it is altogether necessary. I chose this particular object because it looked like crystalline lava or a chunk of amber when photographed.  This particular object was part of a gift set that one of my cousins gave me. I’d like to think it has too purposes now; one as a reminder that a family member is there for you and another as a completely new abstract artwork.




Marisa D. Aceves. Where (Wear) It: Chain Stitch. digital photography.

Textured waves gently emerge from the darkness. They roll and twist like desert dunes straining to meet the light.  A discerning eye sees unexpected landscapes. The mind travels to hidden places yet to be explored.

In the midst of necessary remodeling and summer cleaning, I decided to use my wardrobe as inspiration for my next abstract photography series.  Lighting these objects to create the right mood, state of mind and illusion was a challenging endeavor.  There were times when I really wondered whether a certain object was interesting enough to photograph. Finally, I committed to the series and faced the technical and compositional problems that presented themselves during each shoot. Some artists that are not photographers seem to think that all a photographer needs to do is find a worthy subject and just snap a picture. They do not always respect the fact that each photographer has to instinctively know what will make a good photograph and from what angle they need to take their subject in order to engage the viewer.  Just as other artists have their tools, photographers also have to learn how to use their equipment to get the best results. This is a process that can take years to master.



Marisa D. Aceves. Lasers and Let-Us (Lettuce): Misty Flower Bed. digital photography

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Small purple flowers huddle together for comfort.  Colorful lights illuminate the garden.  Gently passing over delicate petals, they hover briefly in transcendent celebration.

I will continue to share my various conceptual nature series as well as other abstract artwork; be on the lookout.  Unfortunately, this last week and the week before I’ve been experiencing the most annoying, hair pulling, modem throwing connection problems.  I’m having great difficulty viewing the internet. Naturally, there has been a sizable lag in between my artwork posts. I kindly ask that you all bear with me. Despite this spirit crushing setback, I have confidence that our family will find a decent solution to this mess.  For now, this little grey mare (computer) is in remission. 😉


Marisa D. Aceves. Ice Dance: Color Oscillation 2. digital photography.

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Vibrant hues flow beneath the frozen, pebbled surface.  Each cell captures and fragments the unique color combinations it contains. A mysterious landscape is finally recovered, emerging from the depths of the unconscious mind.

This is the second picture taken from an object that I had posted earlier. It’s unusual, reflective texture was taken at a flooring store. I simply intensified the color, sharpened the overall image, and brought out its structure. Today is Independence day, so in honor of American Independence I decided to post a colorful photograph.  To all of my American readers, Happy Fourth of July!  To all of my international readers, have a wonderful, and art full weekend.



Marisa D. Aceves. Inter-dimensional Vodka Dream: Space Warp 1. digital photography

Random colors scatter and disperse as the suburban dining room peeks through the veil.  The translucent, viscous atmosphere bubbles then folds in on itself.  We are traveling from one dimension to the next, losing what we thought we knew yet discovering the unfamiliar is surprisingly familiar. David Byrne of “Talking Heads” fame said it best in his lyrics to Once In A Lifetime, “..Same as it ever was…”

My sister charitably saved this particular object from garbage can death as she was cleaning out her cabinets. She presented me with the object one weekend when she and my brother-in-law came to visit. “You’ll know what to do with it…” she chuckled. Shortly after they left, her prediction came true. I began to turn the object around, examining it’s unique shape. However, I didn’t take a shot of the object until three days later, when I could appreciate its photographic potential.