Striking Art That Looks Like Sea Creatures

Marisa D. Aceves. Lionfish. digital photography. 2016

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Bold Black and White Abstract Photography That Looks Like Sea Creatures

Bold eyes search for signs of life

Combing the waters glowing canopy

Brazen and banded

They seek hidden prey

Killing the meek amongst the reef

This world above meets the aquatic below

As the seaweed grows

Young loners meet their pale day

Destined to sleep while killers play

Believe it or not, this is actually a picture of a piece of home decor that I had received as a Christmas gift two years ago. Just when I think I can’t get any more photos from this object, a fresh idea emerges.

What does this object remind you of?



Portal 2

Marisa D. Aceves. Mysterious Portal 2. digital photography. 2015

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A large, sun-shaped disk gladly takes the center of the composition. It beams mightily against the quiet, violet backdrop. Small condensation droplets form around the mouth of the rusted door. The day begins with a sudden pulse of energy. Steam rises when the engine is set. The result is a mixture of courage and initiative.

This is another version of a picture I took of a common object many of us use on a daily basis. I decided to shoot the object from several different angles. This frontal view helps you to appreciate the symmetry of the design that the object possess. Line, shape, form and color come into play. This picture reminds me of the balance and teamwork that is so much a part of running a business or organization. The organizations main goal is represented by the bright orange and red disc shape in the center of the picture. Its violet and blue backdrop symbolize the people within the organization that quietly, but gracefully work to ensure its success.  What does this remind you of?



Marisa D. Aceves. Lasers and LET-US (Lettuce): Red Sabre Ray. digital photography.

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Tender green leaves emerge from quiet darkness. A crimson ray of light penetrates the scene. The summer garden lives, subtly revealing the mystery of the moment.

*SIDE NOTE: Recently, I have decided to get a little more adventurous and include some of my latest conceptual photography on this abstract art blog.  For all you plant and nature lovers out there, I hope that you enjoy my latest twist on an already familiar subject! 

A quick trip to Rainbow Garden Center resulted in some inspirational and beautiful pictures of a variety of plants and flowers. I decided to reinterpret one of my photos of a popular, tropical garden plant.  Instead of a sunny, busy mid-afternoon, I wanted to portray the plant as if it were slowly getting ready to face the start of another day.  Unexpected light interruptions and creative use of appropriate filters provided visual interest and added to the concept of new beginnings.