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Importance Of Team Building In The Workplace

Everyone wants a successful brand. But you have to learn what it takes to get there. Contrary to popular belief, you need help building a prosperous business. Even if you’re a jack-of-all-trades and a master multitasker, you require other people’s skills and perspectives to help you grow. That is the reason why team building is so important. 75% of office staff claim that collaboration and teamwork are critical components of corporate success. But what are the secret advantages of team building? Well, you’re about to find out.

In this article, we will address the following:

  • The effectiveness of team building 
  • How it increases productivity, improves morale, builds employee appreciation, and more
  • Helpful suggestions for cultivating a healthy, constructive team environment

Why Team Building Is Effective

Team building has increased in popularity because it builds community and solidarity among an organization’s employees. When people feel that they’re not alone when facing a company problem or challenge, it helps to improve their resolve, especially during pandemic isolation. According to research, when the global work environment changed to remote work because of enforced Covid regulations, more than 2,500% of businesses began financing virtual team-building activities. Additionally, a fully involved workforce can double a company’s profits. Moreover, it fosters better collaboration and communication, which is essential for retaining valuable employees and increasing loyalty.  

Benefits Of Team Building Activities

There are many reasons for making team-building a vital part of your brand’s marketing strategy. Here are a few of the best:

Increases Productivity

Besides helping workers feel part of a community, it also increases productivity. When people are encouraged by other employees to do their best and complimented on their strengths, they purposefully improve their performance, increasing company productivity by 12%. In addition, they invest more in the company’s success because they know their employer and co-workers appreciate and reward their efforts. Instead of one person multitasking into oblivion, teams can help carry each other so that the overall workload doesn’t overwhelm them. As a result, each member can work faster, increase their strengths and pick up new skills.


To help enhance the productivity of your business, motivate your employees to participate in team activities that highlight each of the team member’s strengths. Activities that engage them to work together to build or create something for a cause or charity inspire trust and move them to work more efficiently and effectively.

Improves Company Morale

When your employees feel overwhelmed and overworked, they tend to shut down or approach their tasks with little to no enthusiasm. The social aspect of teams helps to improve motivation and well-being. In addition, team members with more experience in challenging duties can act as teachers, mentors, and support, which makes otherwise tense situations more tolerable. When employees know other people are there to assist and educate them, they are less stressed and more open to undertaking unfamiliar jobs. The constant communication between team members helps to lessen feelings of isolation, loneliness, and frustration.


Try virtual team-building activities that promote better communication and boost morale. For example, virtual ice-breaker games like Gif Wars, which uses Nectar software to encourage team members to shout out others for appreciation or acknowledgment, can help build trust, camaraderie, and loyalty.

Promotes Better Communication

For a business to run smoothly, all employees must be on the same page and working towards similar goals. Besides, team building promotes better communication because members must reach out to others on their team to complete a task successfully. Members can learn skills they wouldn’t have acquired alone. As their comfort grows, they know to see their team members as allies lessening suspicion, unproductive competition, and in-fighting.


Check out games like Secret Agenda, which helps enhance collaboration activities, or Blind Design, which enriches your team’s instructional abilities.

Stimulates Creativity

It’s challenging to devise alternative solutions to common problems, especially when you have to do it all yourself. However, with teams, you have many different perspectives, which allow you to benefit from other people’s experiences. Moreover, group members can share their unique insights on how to solve a problem. 


Creative Games like The Paper Tower and Scavenger Hunt teach planning and strategic thinking.

Fosters Solid Relationships

Along with improving communication and collaboration, team building builds solid work relationships. People need people. And trust is key to getting your employees to share new ideas, concepts, and advice with their co-workers. In addition, knowing they have extra support during busy and challenging times gives members more confidence and a sense of relief. Also, when the team is successful, all members share in that success which often results in a more positive outlook, increased confidence, and willingness to work together.


Remote Activities, like Coffee Chats, use the Donut Slack app to randomly pair employees who are encouraged to share coffee, a snack, and a casual conversation. The rules ensure that employees avoid work talk and share small details about their lives and appropriate personal stories.

Aids In Conflict Resolution

When employees have to work with a team to accomplish goals, they have more incentive to mend relationships to ensure your company succeeds. Team building forces co-workers to focus on a shared objective, not individual ambition. So maintaining solid, healthy relationships based on cooperation, collaboration, and trust is necessary.


Try fun conflict/resolution activities like Dizzy Debates which involves perspective exercises, and the You Said, I Heard game which emphasizes better communication.

Identifies Leadership Skills

Working in teams also spotlights individual members’ talents and soft skills, which is perfect for discovering future leadership in critical areas of your company. For example, someone that excels in conflict resolution could be the ideal candidate for an upcoming HR position. Another member who is good at noticing behavioral patterns and delegating group responsibilities firmly yet with compassion and insight could, one day, be the next Office Manager. 


To highlight the best in your team members, try activities like Plane Crash and Minefield, which pinpoint members who are creative, good at organization, and decisive. 

Now that you know why team building is important to the strength and growth of your business, you can discover how to select and manage team members to make the most of your brand. However, even though you’re aware of the benefits of team building, it can still be challenging to implement all of the above suggestions immediately. An easy and obtainable solution to this problem is to focus on the two most important improvements to your team’s ability to work together. 

What can additional reasons for team building help you boost your business?  

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