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Social Media Automation For Your Business

Everyone always talks about how social sharing is vital to your business strategy. However, once you begin sharing your products and services on social media, one thing becomes clear. Your busy week can quickly become the enemy of your regular posting schedule. So how do you maintain an active social media presence while accomplishing all the tasks your business requires? The answer is simple. Automate your social media. Social media automation tools will help you preschedule your content to increase your exposure and satisfy your customers.

In this article, we will cover:

  • What social media automation is, and why it’s beneficial to your business
  • The Automation Tools CoSchedule, Hootsuite, and Sendible
  • What each social media tool is and what it does
  • Who can use each social media tool to their advantage
  • Pricing Packages/Plans
  • Pros and Cons 

What is social media automation, and why should you consider it?

Many years ago, before the internet age, people used newspaper ads, phone book ads, and referrals to get people to visit and buy from their business. Now, people use the internet to search for products and services to fix their problems and address their pain points. With the creation of various social media sites and apps, businesses realized they could reach potential customers on these platforms. But marketing on these platforms takes time and money. Something most small businesses don’t have. Social media automation solves this problem. Tools to manage social media let you plan and schedule social media posts when you know your leads and customers will be the most active. Then, you can release perfectly designed content aligned with your monthly and yearly goals.

These useful social media automation tools help you painlessly run and market your business:


Coschedule prides itself on helping you reach maximum efficiency in your business by enabling you to organize all your marketing efforts together in one place. It supports creating, scheduling, and publishing posts to Facebook (pages & groups), Instagram business, creator and personal accounts, LinkedIn profiles & pages, Twitter, and Pinterest. Its many features provide a calendar that helps you preview, share, and schedule your marketing and a series of versatile products to manage your process, projects, and team. In addition, CoSchedule’s Actionable Marketing Institute provides valuable learning opportunities from industry professionals to hone and boost your skills. With these convenient tools, you can manage your marketing projects and blog in less time. 

Who can benefit

This tool is suitable for people who work in marketing or small businesses that market and sell their products and services.

Pricing Packages/Plans

 It has three plans: the free Marketing Calendar, the $29 a month Pro Marketing Calendar, and the negotiable Advanced Marketing Suite Plan, whose price depends on the size and scale of your business. The free Marketing Calendar includes a real-time marketing Calendar, popular marketing tool integrations, work management tools, content marketing tools, social media profile scheduled messages, and more. The Pro Marketing Calendar covers all of the features of the free Marketing Calendar, including team and task management collaboration, unlimited social media publishing, and priority support. Finally, the Marketing Suite encompasses all the tools in The Pro Marketing Calendar plus marketing campaign management, project & campaign templates, handy content optimation tools, etc.

Pros and Cons


There are many excellent things about CoSchedule that set it apart from other social media automation tools:

  • You can centralize all of your scheduling in one application.
  • Quickly schedule your business’ projects and content across various social media and marketing platforms.
  • It cuts the time you spend on your marketing endeavors in half.
  • It allows you to connect all marketing projects to your calendar effortlessly. Automatic calendar project updates help keep you and your team on schedule. In addition, you can preplan your social media.
  • The software is easy to use
  • You can choose the perfect package/plan for your marketing needs.


Although CoSchedule is a great tool that saves you time and money, there are still some annoying drawbacks to using this software:

  • While CoSchedule is relatively easy to learn, the complex layout can be confusing, especially when you only want to focus on simple tasks.
  • You can’t schedule items in bulk.
  • The packages/plans are more expensive than other automation software, which may keep solopreneurs on a budget from taking advantage of its perks.


Hootsuite, created by Ryan Homes in 2008, is a social media management platform that uses a dashboard to connect all your favorite social media channels. Regarded as the global leader in social media management, it properly integrates with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, Linkedin, and Pinterest. Among its many advantages, you can keep track of incoming social messages and respond to leads and new and old customers from various networks. Moreover, it makes messaging and connecting with your marketing team a breeze. Detailed analytics and reports help you assess what strategies work and what you need to change to increase your brand awareness and revenue. Also, you receive expert social media training to help you run profitable campaigns. 

Who can benefit

Hootsuite is best suited for agencies and small or established businesses with more than one employee.

Pricing Packages/Plans

Hootsuite has four plans: ProfessionalTeamBusiness, and Enterprise.

The Professional and Team plans have a 30-day free trial. The Professional  Plan allows you to schedule unlimited posts and access all your messages in one inbox. Additionally, you can preschedule your social media posts in bulk. It costs a moderate $49 a month. At $129 a month, the Team Plan has all the features of the Professional Plan, plus you can manage your team’s roles with permissions and send comments or posts to your team members. Also, you can have up to three users and twenty social accounts. The Business Plan enables you to have up to 5 users and 35 social accounts. Besides scheduling bulk posts at optimal times, you can review your social messages before posting and extend performance with top apps like Slack and Zendesk. In addition, you receive 24-hour customer support. Its price stacks up to $739 a month. Finally, the Enterprise plan is customizable based on the needs of your business. You can include more than five users and preschedule and review over fifty social media accounts. Moreover, you can receive a quarterly business review to determine your business’s profitability, measure the performance of individual ads, and evaluate your team’s performance.

Pros and Cons


Hootsuite is one of the most versatile when it comes to social media automation platforms. Here are some of its many benefits:

  • You can install a variety of applications.
  • You can manage many different social media accounts in one dashboard.
  • It allows you to create detailed analytics reports on your social media performance. 
  • You can quickly schedule your social media posts in bulk.


Unfortunately, there are still some areas where Hootsuite needs to improve.

  • Some of their packages are pricey for a new business or startup.
  • Hootsuite’s software interface may confuse people who aren’t as tech-savvy.
  • The extra Hootsuite University training and app additions are helpful but make your overall package less affordable.


Founded in 2009 by CEO Gavin Hammar, Sendible is a social media automation platform with more supported app integrations than any other social media software. For example, this social media manager tool supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business, YouTube, etc. In addition, you can preview and adjust your posts on each social platform with the image editor and graphic design app Canva. Sendible allows you to customize your content, error-check your text, and publish your post in a flash. Also, it provides a way for you to analyze your best-performing content and send tailored detailed reports.

Who it benefits

Sendible is versatile in that it serves small businesses on a budget, larger, more established companies with teams, and moderately sized businesses in-between.

Plans & Pricing

There are four social media plans: CreatorTractionScale, and Expansion. The Creator Plan, priced at $29 a month, is perfect for freelancers, allows only one user, sharing on six social profiles, and unlimited scheduling. Also included are a handy content and hashtag library, automated client reports, and personalized onboarding. The Traction Plan permits four users and up to 24 social account profiles. Besides team collaboration, it also features post-assignment, approval, and personalized demonstration. It levels out at the moderate price of $89 a month. Sendible’s most popular scale plan, priced at $199 a month, allows businesses to add seven users and 49 social profiles. In addition, this plan also includes traction plan features, automated client reports, and custom approval flows. Finally, the Expansion plan, which costs $399 a month, permits 15 users and a generous 105 social profiles. Also included in the package are scale plan features, manage client permissions and white labeling.

Pros and Cons


Sendible has many features that enable you to organize your social media projects efficiently. These are the areas where Sendible excels:

  • The customer service is excellent. The staff is supportive, compassionate, and understanding.
  • The software is always up-to-date and constantly being improved.
  • The valuable ability to track the performance of each post
  • It’s more affordable than most social media management tools available.
  • It’s easy to schedule posts.


While there are many positive features, this software still has some areas that need change: 

  • You can’t manage Instagram followers or preview posts before they go live
  • Sendible isn’t always intuitive; getting rid of unwanted notifications is difficult.
  • The spreadsheet isn’t easy to use; you can’t add videos to it.
  • The software has problems linking to the right page of your blogs.
  • There are no free plans or 30-day trials.

While social media automation tools can save you time and frustration, not all plans suit your business model. Therefore, comparing prices, features, and ease of operation is necessary for your software selection. Moreover, knowing your audience and niche will help you decide which expenses you may or may not need. What type of business do you run? What are its biggest strengths and most significant challenges?

Stay tuned for Part 2, where we’ll cover Workflow, Later, BuzzSumo, and Drum Up.

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