abstract photography of laundry supplies

Marisa D. Aceves. “Laundratopia: Optical V Pull”. Digital Photography. 2018.

To view or purchase work, please visit acevesart.com .

Come with me on another object adventure…

This week we are once more artistically analyzing the profundity of a much hated household chore…


Even the smallest of changes to a found texture can make a great difference in the way it’s perceived.

In the latest installment to my Op Art laundry inspired series “Laundratopia”, it was the compositional extreme pull in the middle that gives it its’ penetrating feel.

Like the visual pull, we often feel that somebody or something is moving us strongly in a direction that we may or may not want to go.

When we try to ignore the situation..

the more intense it becomes.

At this point..

we are aware of one thing.

That the situation must be dealt with.

The constant pursuit of wisdom and peace in our lives often causes us to overlook

ourselves and our own needs.

However, if we insist on putting our own emotional, psychological and physical needs on the back-burner, we suffer from burnout and a lingering malaise that eventually leads to melancholy and finally bitterness.

Make time for others, but do so with limits, not for the lack of love, but because you have to love yourself before you can love others.

Have a peaceful, loving and artful weekend.

Always remember to live life creatively!

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