abstract photography of a basket

Marisa D. Aceves. “Laundratopia: Body Twist”. digital photography. 2018.

Striking Optical Illustion Art

To view the series or purchase work, please visit acevesart.com .

Nobody likes to do the laundry. Well, maybe some folks do, but not the ones I know. It’s a detestably boring activity whose necessity becomes apparent with each smelly pile of daily contributions. Laundry is just that, until upon closer inspection, you become obsessed with the patterns before you. Then, another world emerges from the constant grind of daily chores. At that moment, art is life and life is art. Each set of patterns leads to a host of playful compositions. They introduce themselves like eager guests at the best cocktail party.

When this artwork emerged from a host of others, it reminded me of two modern dancers crouching and twisting their bodies in preparation for a sudden leap. They blended neatly with the patterns on the floor which grounded them. Yet, they were trying to find their own identity apart from their surroundings.

We’re all trying to discover our unique character and purpose. The world is a confusing place. Sometimes, we feel like a number, ordinary, dull, maybe even unlovable. Like avoiding the laundry, we artfully dodge pain producing or unpleasant tasks, choosing instead to to travel the pleasant, familiar road, but there’s no real growth there. In order to learn, reach our goals, even surpass our greatest dreams we must continue to embrace the struggle.

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