Marisa D. Aceves. Surfacescape 1: Graduation. digital photography. 2016

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A dark, troubled road met a ray of light. They held hands for a moment as the horizon glowed with the sudden promise of renewal.  Pebbles that once bruised tender feet now guide the sensitive and curious toward greater awareness.

This week is autism awareness week. I have an autism spectrum disorder. Years ago, when I was diagnosed, they were not aware of the full spectrum of Autism or how its various degrees manifested themselves in different patients. The few available programs at that time were geared towards helping autistics with a different set of challenges. My mother tried her best to work with the schools to come up with a comprehensive approach to help me cope with my autism. My father, step mother, sister, her husband, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends were equally supportive. However, I had to slowly gain the courage to seek out additional resources as they became available. It would have been easy for me focus solely on life’s difficulties, always expecting my challenges to bring only negativity and misunderstanding, but the easy way out never helps you to grow or contribute to humanity in the special way in which you’re capable.  I’d like to think that this brilliant blue abstract represents both the highs and lows I have experienced on my journey.  At first, the road seemed bleak and hopeless, but as I was able to learn new ways to approach my situation, the way I saw myself and my relationships with people slowly began to change.











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