Marisa D. Aceves. Where (Wear) It: Chain Stitch. digital photography.

Textured waves gently emerge from the darkness. They roll and twist like desert dunes straining to meet the light.  A discerning eye sees unexpected landscapes. The mind travels to hidden places yet to be explored.

In the midst of necessary remodeling and summer cleaning, I decided to use my wardrobe as inspiration for my next abstract photography series.  Lighting these objects to create the right mood, state of mind and illusion was a challenging endeavor.  There were times when I really wondered whether a certain object was interesting enough to photograph. Finally, I committed to the series and faced the technical and compositional problems that presented themselves during each shoot. Some artists that are not photographers seem to think that all a photographer needs to do is find a worthy subject and just snap a picture. They do not always respect the fact that each photographer has to instinctively know what will make a good photograph and from what angle they need to take their subject in order to engage the viewer.  Just as other artists have their tools, photographers also have to learn how to use their equipment to get the best results. This is a process that can take years to master.


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