All Wrapped Up: A Season of Giving, A Season of Inspiration

In my constant search for that one special object to photograph, I often run into an annoying phenomenon I affectionately like to call photographers block. When this happens, I usually turn my focus to writing or painting, but this time I felt that urge to use my camera again. I painted on and on as an increasing sense of urgency continued to plague me throughout the Thanksgiving week. Finally, my mother and I decided to take a break from our schedules to visit my aunt. During this visit, my aunt surprised my mother with a beautiful ruby red poinsettia plant wrapped in a floral foil of the same color. Although the graceful folds of the poinsettia leaves intrigued me, the foil fought for my attention and won. The photo above is the result. It reminds me that when we give a gift out of love, we inspire others to give. Sometimes the gifts give, especially when they teach us to see beauty in different and unique ways. They remind us that we are loved, they encourage us to love others, and they inspire us to create art.


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