Art and SEO: The Thoughts, Musings, Frustrations, and Ramblings of an Abstract Artist

The one thing that I have not seemed to master in this whole internet blogging experience is the dreaded traffic behemoth make it or break it SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I’ll admit I am some what of a newbie to blogging and while I find that blogging every week helps me to get into the practice of talking about my art, I also find that it is becoming more and more difficult to get found in a sea of other blog posts on the same darn topic. Due to this increasing frustration over trying to figure out SEO, (I even bought a book about it – “SEO for Dummies”…not techies…hint…hint!) I perused the world wide web searching for helpful articles on the subject because I knew instinctively, that other bloggers have suffered the same fate as yours truly. Oh and there are plenty of articles out their folks to keep your tired eyes continuously rolling back in your head because they all suppose that you already know just a wee bit of html code and you don’t know html code! After visiting several websites and receiving the same cryptic/hieroglyphic coding messages you suddenly have the overwhelming urge to yell “SPEAK…ENGLISH!!!!!” Well what is an absolute beginning blogger to do? I know, pull out all the connections on your computer and throw it out of the window. No don’t how will you fix the problems with your blog? Breathe…Breathe deeply…
So if you are one of those people who identify with this all to common are not alone! The only sad advice that I can give at this point, is stick to it, don’t quit. Keep on blogging and researching SEO until one day, blogging is like breathing and SEO becomes an important ally not a frenemy. That about raps up my rant for today!!! Who knows what it will be next week or next month for that matter. I’m just hoping that it won’t be about SEO. You are welcome to share your thoughts and advice on this subject as any help would be greatly appreciated.

*Side Note: If you find your way to this post (miracle of miracles) then perhaps I’ve managed to do something right!

3 thoughts on “Art and SEO: The Thoughts, Musings, Frustrations, and Ramblings of an Abstract Artist

    1. Hi Kerry, I always appreciate your comments on this blog! I believe we need to support each other in our blogging efforts. I’m so glad your busy blogging away. Keep up with your art! It’s great hearing from you!


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