To mix things up, I decided to gather objects from around the house, particularly ones that I had used in previous pictures to create an entirely different abstract landscape. I decided to experiment with a different kind of camera. I used one of the settings from one of the modes on my small phone camera to achieve this look. People sometimes get the mistaken idea that if they don’t have a $500.00 + camera in hand, that they can’t take a decent picture, but that is simply not the truth. If you study the history of photography, you find that people have taken some of the most interesting pictures with small pin hole cameras that they assembled themselves. While I will agree that owning expensive equipment is never a bad thing and that many excellent photos are taken with professional quality cameras, it is nice to know that you can experiment with a variety of different cameras to create different effects. Never pass up an opportunity to create your art. The conditions are never perfect, so be creative and work with what you have.


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