Trouble Shooting: The Ups and Downs of Creating

(The picture above this posting is an abstract photograph of a metal vase we bought at a store around Christmas time last year. I was inspired by the abstract geometric zigzag texture that runs up and down the vase.)
As I have mentioned before, I am presently working on a geometric series in which I will be using texture created from different household objects. Painting like other creative disciplines, has it’s ups and downs. At first we get excited about a project and all the many possibilities it presents. We are like children with our first packet of chubby crayons, wanting desperately to color on everything from adult approved coloring books, to walls, chairs etc. Then we run into problems; it is at this moment that the real test begins. We must ponder over that question that everyone that creates, designs or oversees a project must face, whether to continue on chiseling away bit by bit at the problem that lies before us or to pitch the whole thing and start again. Fortunately, I do not give up easily and neither should you. While some of the initial colors and textures I wanted to include in my geometric painting series had to be modified, my present painting experience is a healthy one, because I am realizing that nothing in life is problem free. Everything has its’ own set of risks. If you want to sculpt, paint, draw, photograph, write etc. badly enough, inevitably, you will find a solution to your problem. You will seek an answer, not fold. I believe that writers’ block, painters’ block, etc. simply stems from the fear of problem solving, it is not a lack of commitment or desire to finish your work. If we get to the root of the fear of problem solving, we discover it often stems from the common misconception that all artists and creative people are just supposed to crank out a product like a toy factory with no real idea where we are going, no planning or process. While some people may work this way, few of us actually do. Some helpful artist resources like Drawing Magazine, The Artist’s Magazine, Professional Artist etc. almost always show the idea behind a certain artist’s work, the planning and the step by step process that goes into creating a successful work of art. Various magazines and artist resources, show both the artist and collectors the reality of artistic disciplines, not the myth that many have been sold for years. You are not a factory, you have your own individual expression and sometimes, this takes time to develop. Keep in mind, that as you are Painting, Drawing, Writing, Photographing etc. you may encounter many frustrations before you come to a satisfactory conclusion, but don’t be discouraged. This is all a necessary part of art production. Good Luck with all your creative endeavors; don’t forget to live life creatively. Below is a list of magazines that I hope will help keep you inspired and offer some solutions to your problems.

Here are some links to those helpful artist magazines:

Professional Artist – This magazine offers excellent tips on how to promote your art.

The Artist Magazine –  An invaluable tool for learning painting and drawing techniques in several different styles and genre from experienced professionals!

Drawing Magazine,default,pd.html?afd_number=4200&utm_source=Bing&utm_medium=CPC&utm_campaign=Magazines-%20Hobbies%20(ROI)&utm_content=Drawing%20(Magazine)&utm_term=drawing%20magazine&utm_creative=Exact&siteID=ZXZsuJIQEQ4-HTtGY88dDVUPwUUNwxQx5w  A definitive guide to a variety of drawing techniques in different media.

Poets and Writers Magazine –,default,pd.html?afd_number=4200&utm_source=Bing&utm_medium=CPC&utm_campaign=Magazines-%20Literary%20(ROI)&utm_content=Poets%20Writers%20(Magazine)&utm_term=poets%20and%20writers%20magazine&utm_creative=Phrase&siteID=ZXZsuJIQEQ4-0sVlxIM%2AkxhfWaOtsVQ5XA   A helpful resource for freelance writers.

Sculpture Magazine-

The Photo Argus-  A helpful photography blog with great tips for the beginner, intermediate and advanced student.

Hope this helps!

– I will continue to try to update this list as I come across more helpful tools for professional artists.

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