Sensations: Bath Landscape River Valley

When I first took the series of photographs that would eventually become the Sensations series, I had originally intended the black and white photos to be little more than references for a series of graphite drawings. However, I have been busy working on my latest painting series, so I decided to post these photos anyway on both my blog and my main website. This particular series was taken using a simple, small white bath towel, an old washcloth I had in my bathroom. The power of color draws many an eye to it, but the grace, dignity, and intense beauty of many shades of gray has its’ own appeal. The rough texture of the fibers and weave of the cotton washcloth suddenly emerge from the light grey space that surrounds them. They create and overall feeling of movement, guiding your eye through the winding composition of the photograph. You can view the rest of this series on my website .

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